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My Perfect Outfit

My Perfect Outfit

Polyvore is so awesome.  I love how you can create certain looks by mixing and matching products from your favorite stores.  You can go all out on Polyvore, incorporating all aspects of [your] life in your creations.  I like to keep it simple when creating, but I have seem some really awesome ones out there.

Today I created “My Perfect Outfit”.  Lately I just love the look of a skirt with funky socks or leggings and a simple graphic t-shirt (which, when it’s cooler I would wear with my Million Ways Eliza Parker wrap or a black boyfriend blazer—one that I have yet to find, but I’m still looking!)

Right now I’m also completely in love with Chuck Taylors.  I am determined to get a bright colored pair for the spring/summer months, but for now my mock black ones do just fine.

Everyone knows that I carry my camera almost everywhere I go.  There’s no other way to do so, stylishly, than with an Epiphanie Bag.  The Clover is to die for, and in gray I just completely believe it was made just for me.  You know? me being in love with the monochrome, and all.

I firmly believe that outfits are made with accessories.  Belts, scarves, sunglasses, necklaces, and earrings are my favorite, and they add a great personal style to the simplest of outfits.

Currently I’m obsessed with wearing multiple necklaces, so when I saw this layered asymmetrical crystal bib necklace, from Sorrelli, in antique silver, I fell in love.  And, of course, nothing would look better—in my opinion—than a matching pair of big hoop earrings.  When I’m not wearing my favorite (go-to) fleur de lis earrings, I’m wearing big hoops, and I just MUST. HAVE. these Snow Bunny hoops!

Stay tuned for more installments of “My Perfect Outfit”.


You Shine

Daytime NYC Wardrobe!I hate packing.  It gives me major anxiety.  Like, should I pack my outfits together, or should I pack them in the order that they are going to be worn, maybe I should roll them up, or should I just fold them neatly; what should I do?   Packing has never been fun for me.  Don’t even get me started on the shoes.  How many, which ones, all of them?  It’s a mess!

This year is kind of different, though.  I packed my suitcase for BlogHer’10, and I loved every minute of it.  I decided to roll up my clothes, for maximum room.  I also decided to group my outfits, but not by day, because when it all boils down I have all these clothes that can be switched around and worn with each other.   Versatility, yo.

Early last week I whined about not having great clothes to wear.  And, shortly thereafter my clothing fairy godmothers(and fathers)*came through for me.  I really do feel like Cinderella going to the ball.

Maybe that’s why it was so easy to pack.  Everything going into the suitcase, bound for New York City, is new and fresh.  There are new experiences and adventures around the corner.  I can’t help but feel giddy, complete with butterflies in my belly and stars in my eyes.

While I’m gone I will push myself a bit, stretch a little more in my passion, gather around those that I consider my people, and I intend to shine and feel good.  We all deserve to shine and feel good.  I wish that for every single person.

Shine and feel good.  You owe that to yourself.  I’ve finally realized this.

*Gap, Lane Bryant, Eliza Parker, Alight, IGIGI, and Dress Barn
{Disclosure: my wardrobe for BlogHer10 is courtesy of these wonderful “fairy godmothers & fathers!}



I can say this with pride:  I have fierce friends.

They’ve got it all; beauty, smarts, attitude, a funny bone, a keen fashion sense, awesome mothering skills, and a determination that makes me proud to call them my sisters.

Oh and they like purses*.  Ahhh, purses.  Who doesn’t like purses?

When I went to Type-A Mom Conference in September, I was lucky to be a part of a group of speakers who were invited to Dress Barn.  We were decked out, head-to-toe, with clothing, jewelery, shoes, and purses.

Anissa chose a sexy dress that *ehem* accentuated her stellar rack.   She worked that dress; it was seemingly made for her.

The next morning when we put on a little fashion show, for our fellow conference goers, Anissa was called up first.  She worked that stage.  She owned it.  She had this look on her face of strength, beauty, and wisdom.   She’s a total package, that one!

Anissa’s fierce.  Believe that.

(Check Anissa’s Hope4Peyton Blog for updates from her husband, Peter. And keep praying and sending out those awesome positive vibes for our friend.)


*Dress Barn sent me this great clutch to give away to one of my readers.  I got one, too.  A brownish one.  Oh, Michael’s gotta be thrilled that my “timeless” purse collection is growing.

Just tell me why you love your girlfriends, your sisters.

I’ll randomly pic a winner and announce it Monday, November 23rd.

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