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Girls Night In & Out {With a Couple of Boys}

My Bliss: Part VIII

The night started off with a bunch of girlfriends enjoying some Mexican food.   Rachel, Casey, Emily, Leslie, Victoria, Maile, Lotus, and I had a wonderful dinner together, full of good conversation and delicious food.  These are those special moments of a conference, stolen away, intimate, and bonding.

Then it was time for us to hit the red carpet at the Girls Night In Party.  Girls Night In at Blissdom is one of my favorite things.  It has to do with Karaoke, which I could have fun doing all night long if you let me.   This year the bonus was performances by Chris Mann and Crystal Bowersox, extra drink tickets, and the ever awesome Freschetta Photo Booth!   Seriously, every party needs a photo booth.  Chris was sweet enough to record a message for Olivia (one of his biggest little fans, but she’s not a bigger fan than her Ma, yo!)

Girls Night In I

Me in All My Karaoke Glory [Photos Courtesy of Jennifer and Shab]


After the Girls Night In Party we headed over to Fuse, where we danced our happy asses off.

This part of the night was the most fun.  The music, the dancing, the sweat, the beats, the love—it was utterly amazing!

Everyone danced together while on the periphery there were men from the other conference, that was going on, watching us.  There were only a couple men on the dance floor, Jim being one of them.  We were all having a blast, dancing all Johnny Castle and Baby, together.  All of a sudden I felt someone’s body up against my backside.  Oh!  Dirty Blissdom Fuse Dancing. Fun!  When I look around and spot everyone that would have been ALLOWED to Johnny Castle me.   There’s Loter.  There’s Momo.  There’s Jim. There’s the Love Bomb Crew. There’s Jana.  There’s Heather.  There’s Rach.  There’s EVERY. SINGLE. BLISSFRIEND. So, I turn around and it’s this creepy agriculture guy in a green button down.  Once I see that it’s not one of my people, grabbing my ass, my eyes pop out of my head and I mouth “help me” to Jim.   Just then the guy FULLY gooses me.

“Oh My God, you are SO naughty,”  I yell at him, as I turn to Jim, point, and say, “DUDE, THIS IS MY HUSBAND!”

Jim rescues me with a hug and the green shirted creep buzzes off at the speed of light; I’m sure he thought Jim would go all Kung Fu on him, or something, because Jim could totally eff a dude up. Just sayin’.

At that point, I adopted Jim as my husband for the night.   Then I found out that he was everyone else’s fauxsband.   Whatever.  He likes me best, I’m sure!


Plopped on the stairs, we were beat.  We were also coming to the realization that Blissdom was soon to end.  This particular night ended with the pouring out of hearts.  And while we were sad that it was soon going to end, and we’d soon be going home, we took comfort in knowing that our friendships were stronger because of these moments.

Blissdom11 - Mishelle Lane -7661Blissdom11 - Mishelle Lane -7659

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.

—Douglas Pagels

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