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Friends Bring Joy

Lately I have been really blessed in the friend department. It’s been an amazing journey, and I am especially lucky because my whole family has been embraced by another family; one that is a lot like ours. They are kind, giving, understanding, fun, and loving. It’s just what we need while living in a town far away from our immediate family.

This year our friends had a wonderful exchange student from Ukraine. He has become a good friend to all of my children. So-much-so that in the past week my eldest son has probably been at their house more than he’s been at ours. I only wish they would have become friends sooner than this late spring/early summer. It doesn’t matter, though, because they are friends now. They’ll probably be friends forever, too. Thanks to the internet, of course.

I wanted to do something special for our friends and their “son”. Yesterday morning I took some photos of them, so that they could have some really nice framed prints. It took all of a half and hour, and I was so happy to do it for them.

Giving to the people you love is tremendously fulfilling.
Giving friendship to one another is invaluable.
Giving love to your friends brings joy.


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The Story of BlogHer {Part IX}

Mishelle Lane Photography-Getting Gorgeous-21Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-57
Lori and Sarah (on right)

Mishelle Lane Photography-Getting Gorgeous-22

Mishelle Lane Photography-Getting Gorgeous-59
Leah and Esther

Mishelle Lane Photography- Getting Gorgeous-71
Vera and Audrey

Mishelle Lane Photography- Getting Gorgeous-97

Diane (aka Momo)

Mishelle Lane Photography-Aiming Low EZPZ-35

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography
Renee and Amy

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography
Tarrant and Carmen

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography

Always remember……

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography

The Story of BlogHer {Part VIII}

More Beautiful Faces of BlogHer

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-5Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-9
Adrianne and Shauna

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-50
Ali and her sister Charna

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-52
Allison and Meredith

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-145
Laurin and Maria

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-148
Angie and Sam

Mishelle Lane Photography-Aiming Low EZPZ-25
Linda and Janine

Mishelle Lane Photography-Aiming Low EZPZ-36
Kelly and Carrisa

Mishelle Lane Photography-Aiming Low EZPZ-48
The Amazing Annabel and Angela

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography
and (I’m not sure, do you know?)

The Story of BlogHer {Part VII}

Beautiful Faces of BlogHer

Mishelle Lane Photography-Aiming Low EZPZ-21

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Friday Night Walk-16

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography
Jen – Leah – Heather

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-27
Cindy and Angie
(and many other beauties)

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-20
Cecily, Kim, Loralee, Anissa, and Peter

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-4

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-3

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-109

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-102

The Story of BlogHer {Part III}

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography

Swimming In The Sea

Last year after BlogHer in Chicago I was moved to write about those that touched me.  Those people that I had connected with through blogging that finally materialized into living, breathing creatures before me.  People that could hug me.  People that could laugh at my silliness.  People that would share real life moments in a real live city, and not just via email, twitter, or the blogosphere.  I wrote about them, introducing them [to you], because it was a new level of love and admiration that had sprung forth from the conference.

This year I came to find that the conference morphed into being more about me and who I am in the grand scheme of the matrix of bloggers and personalities.  There were familiar faces everywhere.  There were quickly passing minutes on a cushy bench; perfect for a quick gab session.  There were  hugs and kisses in the elevator, as well as accidental encounters.  There were waves from across the estrogen filled room.  There were commitments, and parties, and very little downtime—until it was solidly scheduled in.  There was so much,  so many, and so little time that—at times—it kinda felt a little bit like drowning.

Around every corner, though, was instant resuscitation; whether it was the quiet of a hotel room in the early morning hours, the seclusion of an unused panel room where tears were shared along with smiles and words of wisdom, or the arms of a group of besties enveloping you.  It didn’t matter, it was there and accessible.   The best part being that you didn’t have to look hard to find it, you just had to keep swimming.

Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-256 Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-247
Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-251 Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-250
Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-249 Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-248

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