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Picture It Outside of the Box {Week 2}

Many huge thank yous to everyone that participated in last week’s Picture It Outside of the Box, Halloween photo, challenge.  It is my hope you will keep coming back, every Friday, to get the next theme to submit. Not only is it fun, but I will be tips and tricks, and I’m working on some cool stuff as added incentive (read: prizes!)

For now, though, I hope you will continue to share your love of photography with me and the other photogranerds. I’ll be reminding you to play, too; you can count on that!

Here are FIVE submissions (Which? Was REALLY, really, reeeeeeeeeeeealllly hard to do, yo!)

Pippi Longstocking by Dawn or My Home Sweet Home Online

Pluto by Tracy of Tiny Mantras

Skelly by Tracey of Grumble Girl

Alice by Brittany of Barefootfoodie

Batman by Jill of Scarymommy

The challenge for {Week 2} of “Picture It Outside of the Box” is:

Low Down

This challenge is about lowering your perspective. I’m asking you to change your angle—even if that means you have to get on the ground and get dirty (just watch out for dog poop if your yard is anything like our yard!)

Here are a couple of examples:

The Challenge: How It Works

  • Each week, on Friday, I announce the “Picture It Outside of the Box” photo challenge theme.
  • You can submit a photo for the theme by the following THURSDAY. Enter your direct link (to your blog post with the photo in it or your photo on Flickr) in the thumbnail McLinky Tool at the bottom of the post.  Keep in mind the linky-loo will close down on Thursday at 12:00 AM  EST.
  • FIVE submissions from my readers will be showcased on Friday, and the new theme will then be revealed.
  • Basically: you play along, you have fun, we show each other our awesome photos, we share inspiration….it’s a win-win situation!
  • Visiting fellow photo challenge players is highly encouraged!

Ready. Set. Shoot.

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