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Picture It Outside of the Box {Week 8}

Thank you to Jen, Jenty, Tara, Jodi, Nikowa, Sarah, and Lotus for participating in the “Picture It Outside The Box: Holidaze” challenge!

Super Santa


The challenge for {Week 7} of “Picture It Outside of the Box” is:

{Fun With Bokeh}

Lotus recently posted how to have some fun with bokeh on her blog via one of her #reverb10 posts. Her submission for the “Holidaze” prompt was actually from that post and the inspiration for this challenge.

{The following is directly from Lotus’ blog.}

You’ll need:

  • black posterboard or construction paper
  • tape (black is a bonus, but regular works)
  • cutting implement like x-acto knives, scissors, shape punchers
  • optional: lens hood
  • recommended: your sense of wonder!

If you’re using a lens hood, trace a circle around it on your black paper. If you’re using your lens straight up, CAREFULLY trace a circle around it on your black paper.  Cut out your circle.

Next, you want to draw and then cut a small shape (about 1/2 inch, or 15-20mm) from the middle of your circle. If your shape is too big, you get poor results. Popular shapes include hearts, stars, and crosses. You can get creative here, and that is part of the fun.

Be very careful with your shape – clean lines, no tears, clearly shaped and cut.  This is easier to do with x-acto knives or shape punchers than with scissors.

If you are using a lens hood, tape your black circle carefully to it, making sure to block out all light around the edges. Attach your hood to your lens.

[Note: if your hood is too far from your lens, your results may suffer. Closer to lens = better. Another method is putting your paper circle inside a lens filter ring. This also eliminates need for tape. Experiment to see what works best for you!]

If you are using your lens with no hood, cut a strip of black paper to wrap around the lens, about 1 inch wide, like a cuff. Tape that shut on the lens, and tape your circle to that, so it sits in front of your lens. This must be flush, no light leaks!


I did this one year with heart shapes, and I can’t wait to play some more, because I had totally forgotten how to do this.  Lotus reminded me, and I wanted to pass it along in a challenge.

OM::OP::OM::Christmas (or Addicted)

This particular challenge will open through the new year, as the Picture It Outside Of The Box challenge takes a break over Christmas.

When it comes back there will be an awesome announcement with a new project that will DEFINITELY be awesome (believe me!)

Until then…. have fun playing with “the lovely bokeh”.

Oh!  And, don’t forget that there’s still time to win 1,000 Free Business Cards!

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