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My Funny Kids

Day 75 | I Love Oo Mikey

At dinner tonight the boys told us how they made up some funny stuff while they lie in bed last night.

Benny said, “Let’s think of opposites for some shows and movies.”

Mikey responded, “OK. Go!”

Jimmy Neutron::John Electron

2012::1220 (as in the middle ages, hardy har har)

Ghost Whisperer::Mortal Shouter

America’s Most Wanted::Russia’s Least Despised

Dora The Explorer::Laura The Couch Potato

Top Gun::Bottom Sword


The Patriot::The Terrorist

Spongebob Square Pants::Dishrag Circle Shirt

Fairly Odd Parents::Unfairly Even Children

G.I. Joe::I.G. Bob

King of the Hill::Peasant of the Mountain

Young Guns::Old Knives

Big Momma’s House::Little Daddy’s Apartment



Star Wars::Planet Peace

I think they got their funny from me. {Mishi nudge nudge poke winks at her Mike}

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