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“And the Rocket’s Red Glare….”

Early in the day, on the Fourth of July, I took the kids up to Dahlonega, GA to walk around and enjoy the Kids Zone.  We’d wanted to see the parade, but were there way too early, so we decided that we’d just come back for the fireworks show at nightfall.

I had recently wrote a post about taking pictures of fireworks.   So, on Saturday night I was prepared to take some great shots at Sparks in the Park, but our super.secret.awesome parking spot was blocked off by the police in our town.  I was forced to park in one of the local school lots, and our view wasn’t the greatest.  Add to that the fact that as I was setting up I realized that I forgot my remote shutter release.  I didn’t even think I’d get anything decent.  I did, however, get a few that I liked, but only one that I loved.

I was determined to capture some more fireworks in Dahlonega.  We got to the North Georgia College & State University’s Drill Field around 8:20pm.  It was packed.  The sea of red, white, and blue was amazing.

We hung out, Davey ran around, and we enjoyed some Funfetti cake cookies while we waited for the show.

Night fell upon us rather quickly….

Soon thereafter, over the speakers, one of my favorite renditions of The Star Spangled Banner filled the air.

Then….BOOM!  BANG! OOOH!  AHHH! {View the whole set on Flickr}

Oh, and, I did not forget my remote shutter release!

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