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Lazy Break Haikus

Break week swiftly passed
Days filled with lazy and still
Cheer spilled from my cup

Wake Up

Leaves fell to the ground
Swirling and twirling, they danced
As trees stood watching

Falling FreeHangin' On

Sunlight in Autumn
Weaves through the weeds uniquely
Whispering, still here

Field for Dreams



Pepper {Week 5}

With couple of missed days
Borrowed photos from Baba
Phone and Instagram

Company’s in town
And Pepper’s definitely
Shown her puppy ass

September 12 – 21







Five Minute Breakfast Poem {Three}

Little hills are big
To a precious boy who stole
My heart down the hill

Last the moon peeked through
The buds were barely on trees
Making way for green

April is the month
For Five Minute Breakfast Poems
Come on and join in!

Haiku: Friday

Shhh! I can’t talk now
I’m getting ready to go
Log some biking miles–

One month ago I hopped on my bike, determined to get strong.  Then I hopped on my bike the following day despite an aching va-jay-jay and butt bone.

In the beginning I was slow, huffed and puffed a lot, and felt—at times—like I was going to keel over and die.  Then something happened.  I got stronger. I added more miles to each biking session, I conquered the hills of our local streets, and I found that I loved mounting my bike almost every day of the week.

In one month I have logged over 65 biking miles.

Last week I even started something new:  The Couch to 5K program!

And I didn’t die.

I’m going to finish the C25K.  I’m going to continue riding my bike.  I’m going to push myself a little harder, because if there’s something that I’ve realized in this month it’s that I. am. strong.

Haiku: Thursday

Haiku: Thursday

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