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Haiku: Wednesday

Haiku: Wednesday

We finally got ourselves to the library yesterday.  With all the bike riding and swimming I kept putting it off and off and off.  But, yesterday I went to pick up a book that was on hold for me.  All the kids signed up for the summer reading program and we’re going back to see the drummers today.

We just keep adding to our fun summer vacation days.

Haiku: Tuesday

Haiku: Tuesday

Haiku: Monday

Haiku: Monday

My “what ifs?” are stacked
Like blocks on a fireplace
Easily knocked down

My beautiful soul sister Stephanie inspired me today.
This week’s summer mini-series will be Haiku!

Fire and Ice

Day 11 | Fire


Like fire and ice

A mix of pleasure and pain

You drive me insane

Goodbye November

The symbolic month
With it’s swirling emotions
Has come to an end

Souls are bare as trees
As the harvest sun does loom
Goodbye November


The winner, as determined by RANDOM.ORG, of the 18×24 is Sarah (@SarahinMI)


This was {NaBloPoMo}

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