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Giving You Wood

61: Giving You Wood

Soothing and Warm

Soothing and Warm

The warmth of honey
Tantalizes the taste buds
With it’s soothing glow


Week in the Life Of {January 2009}

January’s cold
Burns with thoughts of spring time warmth
Daydreams of sunshine


Brains crunching numbers
Fingers move as they compute
Thinking and buzzing

Waiting Thinking

Pausing Computing

Up and down, spinning around
Never a full stop


Ascending the stairs
I find the luckiest one
Stretched and snoring



Her sister sleeps, too
In her comfy-cozy bed
Ne’er raising her head


The beginning of
The last week of the first month
Week in the Life Of…

It’s All About the Process

Day 16

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Everyday I take
The steps for coffee I make
Grinding then dumping

Pouring then drinking
It’s all about the process
To keep me awake

The Haiku

The Christmas Glow

With care they were hung
Each one pulling at a string
Setting hearts a glow

Observing their beam
Across the dimly lit room
Joyous expressions

Original Poetry by:
Mishelle O. Lane

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