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I Believe in Myself

Every year, in high school, I dreaded the time when we would have those horrendous physical fitness tests.  We’d have to do push ups, sit ups, climb a knotted rope to the top, sprints, and we’d have to run a mile.  I did o.k. on the sit ups, but that was it.  The rest were always a big, fat fail, but I never felt worse than when I was running that mile.  We had to run it in under twelve minutes, and if we didn’t make it we had to stay after school to try it again.  And again, and again; until we came in under the clock.  I hated it so much and it was something that stuck with me through my life.

I’d look at those runners in town and think, “My God, what a crazy person!”

I’d say, “Not me!  I’m no runner.”

I’d blame my bad folk-dancing knee, my lack of time, my weight, my whatever-excuse-worked.

Not. Anymore.

This is my track.  Well, it’s not “my” track, but it is the track where I started my bike training.   And, now it’s the track that I run on.  Yes, it’s the track that I run on.

Let me say that slowly:

It’s. The. Track. That. I. Run. On.

On June 27th, I downloaded the Couch to 5K app for my iTouch.  I had heard all about the app, and, quite frankly, had those same thoughts about it like, Oh My God those people are crazy, I could never run, I have a bad knee, whatever-whatever.

But, I was already in push mode. I was pushing myself with every bike ride.  My legs were strong.  My heart was feeling good.  The scale was responding.  Skirts felt loose.

So, I pushed a little harder, downloaded the damn app, and gave it a go!

I am currently in week 4.  This is the week where I run for three minutes, walk, and then five minutes straight (twice!)   The other day when I finished the last run portion, I exploded into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.  I couldn’t stop and I know that the dad and daughter who were playing soccer on the field must’ve thought I was a loon.

I don’t know?   Maybe I was laughing at Miss Callahan (and maybe giving her a big, fat middle finger) for making me feel like such a dipshit—in high school—for not being able to finish the mile in under twelve minutes?  Maybe I was laughing because I was alive?!

I did it.  I didn’t die.  I’m going to keep doing it.

Hello, my name is Mishelle, and I’m a *runner!

*Follow my training on Daily Mile!

Haiku: Friday

Shhh! I can’t talk now
I’m getting ready to go
Log some biking miles–

One month ago I hopped on my bike, determined to get strong.  Then I hopped on my bike the following day despite an aching va-jay-jay and butt bone.

In the beginning I was slow, huffed and puffed a lot, and felt—at times—like I was going to keel over and die.  Then something happened.  I got stronger. I added more miles to each biking session, I conquered the hills of our local streets, and I found that I loved mounting my bike almost every day of the week.

In one month I have logged over 65 biking miles.

Last week I even started something new:  The Couch to 5K program!

And I didn’t die.

I’m going to finish the C25K.  I’m going to continue riding my bike.  I’m going to push myself a little harder, because if there’s something that I’ve realized in this month it’s that I. am. strong.

Of the Earth

Yesterday was the last day of Earth® Exer-Walk™ Challenge.   I’m late on posting because I went to the Home and Housewares Show in Chicago (more on that later), and I made the worst, biggest, horribly vain mistake ever: I didn’t wear my sneakers. I wanted to wear my boots to be all ‘Oh look at my sexy legging clad legs with my sexy leather slouch boots.’ You know, the legs whose muscles are definitely more firm because of the Exer-Walk™ sneakers!

The legs attached to the feet that were hurting from said sexy leather slouch boots.

Boy, am I dumb or what?  I totally should have brought my sneakers and just kicked it in jeans.  I think I said this, out-loud,  like forty-seven million times, too.

Veggie Lunchie Veggie Breakie

I’ve lost a few pounds this month.  Nothing monumental, but it’s a start.   To be exact, I’ve lost 3.8lbs.   I’ve exercised–even though my knee hurt–and I’ve made other changes to my diet.  Over the past (almost) three weeks I’ve only eaten meat twice (and one time was because I just wasn’t about to pass up filet mignon, yo.)

I’ve cut my fat intake drastically, all by switching to a more plant based diet, though I am still eating dairy.  And, it’s made a HUGE difference in my blood sugar levels.

This weight-loss, health journey has just started.  I know there will be times that I eat meat, or chocolate, or cheesecake.  I know there will be times that I opt for boots over sneakers.  I know there will be times that my knee will hurt too much to exercise.  But, I’m going to keep trying, and I won’t give up.

[As part of the challenge I was provided with the Earth® Exer-Walk™ sneakers pictured above, but the opinions during the challenge–written posts and tweets on Twitter–are purely my own.]

The results are in…

MishibabyMessy Dressy

Everything is “normal”, except my blood sugar.
Yes, even my thyroid.
They said, continue taking metformin.
Lose weight (duh!)
Go back in 3 months for bloodwork.

So, that’s what I’ll do.

Game. On.

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