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Shooting From the Hip

Day 108 | Long Haired Bathroom Mirror NarcissismIn 2007, when I got my Canon Rebel XTi, I remembered that Michael’s old Canon SLR had this awesome vintage-style strap on it.  Despite the big, bulky spring snap and swivel eye I used that strap on my first dSLR, and it sort of became my signature.

When I got my Canon 5D Mark II the decision was made to go with the hand strap.  I love that I have total control of my camera, along with the security that the hand strap provides, but I just couldn’t give up my camera strap.  A photographer needs a camera strap when shooting.

A few weeks ago a Flickr friend commented about the strap in my photo.   He asked if I had deliberately chosen to match my earrings to my camera strap.   I replied that the strap was some type of vintage design and that the earrings were (my favorite) Fleur-de-lis.  He replied demanded I get a Fleur-de-lis strap as soon as possible!

It’s widely know that I have an affinity for the Fleur-de-lis.  Not only is it my business logo, but I have two different pairs of earrings, and Michael recently gave me a pendant for my birthday.

Of course it made sense; I should have a camera strap adorned with them, as well.

Enter HighKey Camera Straps.

The first thing I noticed was their clean, user-friendly website.  I had no trouble seeing all the different styles in their photos.   And, there’s even a page dedicated to the anatomy of the strap.   It was love at first click.

Our goal is to equip photographers around the world with camera straps that fit their style and mood.   Through our products and designs, we hope to supply you with the tools you need to do what you do, and do it with flare. We’re here to give you options.   Live your life in HighKey.

At the core of HighKey Camera Straps are some extremely talented photographers. Real people with a desire to produce quality straps for other photographers. I was immediately impressed by the customer service and even more so with the craftsmanship of the strap when mine arrived.   Another one of my favorite things about this company is that everything is Made in the USA!

Camera StrapThere are well over 20 different styles to choose from, but the biggest draw for me was that you can create your own custom designed strap. Whoa! How cool is that? Let me tell you…it’s VERY cool! And the proof is attached to my camera now.

It took me all of twenty-minutes to design my strap in Adobe Photoshop.   I downloaded the template, found the design I wanted to use, and went at it in Photoshop.   Not only was it easy, it was fun.  As I was creating this one I kept thinking of other designs.   The possibilities are endless with custom design.

My favorite thing about HighKey Camera Straps is the slip resistant underside.  Actually, these straps are the only ones in the world to use this unique material.   In the couple weeks that I’ve used this strap, I have never felt so confident with the camera at my side.   What a difference from the velvet underside of my previous vintage strap!

Then came the idea for my Shooting from the Hip Contest!
{click the link to read about how to shoot from the hip}

To enter the contest and win your own HighKey Camera Strap all you have to do is “shoot from the hip”.   Basically, you put your current camera strap on your shoulder, hold your camera at hip level, point, and shoot.    Link your image here and my fabulous judges Heather of The Spohrs are Multiplying, Piper of Love, Maria of Mommy Melee, and Meghan of A Mom Two Bosy will pick a winner!

The contest will run until midnight on June 30th with the winner announced shortly thereafter.  Make sure you label/tag your entry (wherever you are linking from) with “Shooting from the Hip”.   That way the lovely judges know for sure that this is your entry.

Enter the direct link to your picture submission below, using inlinkz!

You can also have another chance to win your own [custom designed] camera strap over at HighKey Camera Strap.

[Disclosure: HighKey Camera Straps provided me with my camera strap for review. The opinions in this post, though, are purely my own. I was not compensated otherwise.]

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