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love thursday

I love:

  • Not having to cook for consecutive days in a row,
  • How fast my 50mm f/1.4 lens came back to me,
  • Getting our cards to family and friends early, even though I did cut my list down this year,
  • Eating a grown up lunch at one of Michael’s favorite Chinese restaurants, without kids,
  • Having Romeo and Juliet on my laptop to watch whenever the hell I feel like it,
  • Filling up my gas tank for $1.30 a gallon; $1.40 is nice, too,
  • New clothes for the kids,
  • Home made chicken noodle soup,
  • Michael’s salsa, my mom’s guacamole, and my chicken enchiladas,
  • Christmas shopping for the kids with Michael,
  • The fact that Sadie has bounced back for the time being,
  • Sitting around the kitchen table,¬† laughing at stories my father tells,
  • The smell of the house after cookies have been baked,
  • Our new local grocery store,
  • Taking¬† said cookies over to Miss Beverly and talking to her for a few minutes,
  • Davey’s new words and mannerisms,
  • How awesome the kids’ dentist is and how handsome he is,
  • The fact that not one of them has a cavity,
  • More Christmas shopping—for the kids–with Michael,
  • Staying within budget while getting some useful, interesting, and practical gifts,
  • Not buying just to buy,
  • Looking forward to Christmas with my family of six, and
  • Not stressing about the holiday and just taking it for all that it is and should be.

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