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Don’t Try, Do!

I did it! Took the kids to a park and I got some great shots.
I even got individuals (full length and close-up) of all four.
Now I need to write all my cards out.

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

….try, try, and try again!

I’m not so convinced this is our Christmas card portrait.
Even with the various post processing.

Totally cute, though, and worth showing off!

Tomorrow we will try again.
Different location, different outfits, same children.

Let Them Eat Cake!

“Mi salsa es tu salsa.”

Yesterday, the kids and I came up with some brief character outlines for a set of stories that Mikey dreamed up.  Actually, when we were having lunch with Nissa and her kids he blurted something out that inspired these characters.  And it [went] a little something like this:

Benny:  I need more mild hot sauce.

MIkey:  You don’t need anymore hot sauce!

Mama:  Mikey, he’s entitled to more.  I have a receipt showing that I paid for our meal.

Mikey:  But, what if Two Million Taco Man walked in and needed them.

Benny: I just need ONE. Mild. Hot. Sauce.

Mama:  We are just as entitled to our hot sauce as Two Million Taco Man is.

Mikey:  I don’t know about that?


Here are the rough character outlines for our fictional story,
The Adventures of Two Million Taco Man

Two Million Taco Man: A modern day superhero who shoots sour cream and hot sauce to apprehend the villain he is engaged in battle with.  He can also subdue his nemesis by shooting out a big tortilla that wraps around the assailant, a burrito net if you will.  TMTM is the star of the series, hence the stor(ies) being named after him.  He’s charming, handsome, witty, and bold.   Proverbially he can stand the heat and keeps his ass in the kitchen.

Chickie Quesadilla (pronounced Kay-sa-dillah):   TMTM’s toadie who wears a shirt with various infectious sayings on them, everyday.  Chickie Quesadilla is to Two Million Taco Man as Robin is to Batman.  Smaller and less powerful that TMTM, he relies on his agility and sense of humor to get him out of dicey situations.  He’s also a little bit clairvoyant, which helps him in, and out of, saucey situations.

Queen McHammy: Presiding over a franchise of burger joints, called McHammy’s, the Queen is downright evil.  She will do anything to keep customers coming back so that she can continue to build her empire.  Her mission is to get everyone hooked on soda and burgers.  Burgers without any nutritional value and made with low-grade beef, even.   Queen McHammy secretly likes TMTM but treats him very poorly.   Chickie sees through her, and believes there is good in the once moral-Princess-turned-bad-Queen.

Fry Dude: Queen McHammy’s younger brother; he is a deep fried food connaseiur. Fry Dude walks the fine line between good and evil.  The key to keeping him on the straight and narrow:  KETCHUP!  Lots of ketchup.

Latte Lady: If there is one person that Queen McHammy wants to destroy it’s Latte Lady.  Reason being, Latte Lady’s coffee shop, The Cappa Cuppa, is taking her precious customers away. Everyone is flocking there for delicious coffee drinks, as well as vitamin waters, all fruit smoothies, yogurt parfaits, and salads!   TMTM is known to hang out at The Cappa Cuppa, and Latte Lady loves to give advice to TMTM about various villains that breeze through town.

Lo Main Man: (This character is loosely based on Karate Kid’s Mr. Miyagi.)  He is the all-knowing, all-seeing, ever-wise, elder whose main wish/goal is to restore peace and health to the residents of Nourishville.  He is Two Million Taco Man’s guru, Chickie Quesadilla’s sensei, Queen McHammy’s therapist, Fry Dude’s best friend, and Latte Lady’s lover.

Stay tuned for The Adventures of Two Million Taco Man

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