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We {heart} Biking

Everyone in our family loves to bike.  For Benny’s birthday, in September, we upgraded him to a 26″, 7 speed bike.  Previously he had a one-speed kids bike that was hard for him to ride in our hilly neighborhood.  Now, though, he and Mikey like to ride around our ‘hood and town together.   Davey is exclusively riding his two wheel kids bike(with training wheels) instead of his tricycle that he was practically attached to the pedals of every time he went outside to ride in the cul-de-sac.  We are all full-fledged riders now.  I think Olivia is next in the upgrade department, but Christmas is right around the corner, right?
Now what I really need is a bike rack for my van so that we can all go down to the The Big Creek Greenway a couple towns over.  I’ve dreamed of all of us going down to the Greenway for many years now, and now that Davey and Benny can ride, well, it’s time.  We went down a few times when we lived in GA (Part I), with Mo and her kids, and it was always such fun.
Friendly PSA:  Don’t forget to wear your helmets, kids!


A couple summers ago I rode my bike a lot for exercise, but lately I tend to get my bike riding time in with the Les Mills spin class called RPM.  I haven’t gone in a couple weeks and always feel bad when I don’t, which goes to show that is is a such a work-out!  This week I am going to strive to get into my favorite RPM class with my favorite RPM instructor Krystin.  I also want to get my hands on a heart rate monitor so that I know exactly how the work out is affecting me.
That said, this week marks my one year anniversary at my gym, Bodyplex.  My body has definitely reaped the benefits of weekly exercise, but I still have such a long way to go.  One thing’s for certain—I love that going to they gym is a part of my life!  Here’s to the next year and continued fitness and health!

[This is a sponsored post, but all sentiments are my own.]

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