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Our Eyes

with our eyes almost fully grown at birth
there is amazement
at the growth truly possible
the things we see
through wide eyes open
through wide eyes shut
through questioning eyes
when we look to find
we see
when we do not look
we still see
while vision
may be impaired
we continue to see
and, I believe
our eyes
allow us to grow
until the day
we close them forever

Weekly Winners {Fisheye & Macro Edition}

Center of Attention

The Underside

Look My Belly, Mama

Me in the Fish Eye

What's Under There?

Antique Berries

Tip of the Shroom

All shots taken with Opteka .35x HD Super Wide Angle Macro Fisheye Lens Attachment.
I’ve had it forever, and had some fun with it this week!

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Weekly Winners XXXXXVI

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The Ice Must Melt

Bitterness encased
Her lithe appendages
Still her place
Among the rest

Her pain
Found respite
Before the thaw
Took over

A new
Light was cast
Tears were shed
As her heart beat

Original Poetry by:
Mishelle O. Lane

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