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On Motherhood {Part IV}

All I want for Mother’s Day is for you all to get along.
I want you [four] to have what I never could.
Your Baba wasn’t able to bear more children than just me.

I wish for you to realize how beautiful what you have really is.
Forget about little transgressions.
They just don’t mean a thing.

Be respectful.
Allow each others’ faults.
Help one another grow.

Come together.
Be there for each other.
Smile and laugh and sing together.

Don’t take everything so seriously.
Just enjoy the siblinghood.
I promise that you don’t realize how special what you have is.

Be sweet.
Give each other compliments.
Help each other shine.

All I want for Mother’s Day is for you, my children, to love each other.
Brothers and sister.
The only child in me BEGS this of you.

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This post is the final part of a four part sponsored Tiny Prints Mother’s Day campaign. Tiny Prints has Mother’s Day cards that are fully customizable, and can be sent straight to the recipient. For someone, such as myself, who always forgets to send out cards on time, this new service that Tiny Prints is offering is just awesome. You can schedule your cards or gifts to go out, letting all the mothers in your life know how special they are, and how much you treasure them!   While this series is sponsored, the feelings I have shared are my own, and my love for Tiny Prints—the company, their dedication, and their products—is completely genuine.

love thursday {you capture bath time edition}

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