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PhotobucketYou’re our firstborn.

The old soul.

Our deep thinker with a funny bone.

You’re our eldest son.

The history buff.

The guy who knows all about army guy, military stuff.

You’re twelve.

And for twelve years we’ve had the honor of looking into those eyes of yours.

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

My eldest who really didn't want to be there
We love you…

2 Days 2 Diptychs

Mikey's on Left, Mine on Right

Yesterday I took the three boys—Mikey, Benny, and Davey—for a drive to a nearby town.  We walked around and they got to enjoy some ice cream while I had a ball taking all kinds of pictures.  You can see everything that I shot over on my Flickr.

Left and Right, Both Mine

Today felt like winter, but that didn’t stop me from wearing my new Crocs.  I love them; they are so comfortable!

Oldest and Youngest; Best Friends

Oldest and Youngest; Best Friends

Pages Come Alive

I can still remember how proud I felt when Mikey read his first chapter book.   Since then he’s read some pretty interesting stuff ranging from War of the Worlds to Old Yeller to any and all of the Eyewitness books.   The Harry Potter Series is his current read and he’s almost done with, the third book, The Prisoner of Azkaban.    A while back he was intimidated by the size of the books, but now he just doesn’t care.  He just wants to read more, and more, and more!

There’s a new movie coming out with one of his favorite actors, Brendan Fraiser, called InkheartThis movie looks so good! It’s all about the pages of books coming alive.  For a boy of almost eleven who is constantly reading and imagining various parts of the story, this movie is surely bound to be a favorite.

Great storyline PLUS Brendan Fraiser; we can’t wait!

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