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Highlights From My Last Photo Shoot

I was so excited when Zumba Babe Maggie asked me to take her portraits.
Maggie wanted to do it in honor of her birthday, and I was so glad that she trusted me to do a “Heads (AND) Tails Photo Session”!  We actually did a triple threat shoot:  Zumba, Boudoir, and Portraits.


If you are local and are interested in your own “Heads and/or Tails Photo Shoot” just drop me a line and we’ll set something up!  

I Love What I Do. Do You?


I have dabbled in photography my whole life, though there was a period of a few years where all I did was take snapshots of my growing babies.  In 2005, when I started my blog, I got back into taking photos.   This sparked a new vision and my eyes started to see things differently.  This vision allowed me to pursue the one thing in life that truly makes me feel complete.  It doesn’t matter who or what I am taking pictures of, I am simply fulfilled with a camera in my hand.

Starting my photography business was the best (and hardest) thing I have ever done.   There are so many photography businesses out there that sometimes it’s daunting, but I tell myself that if I stay true to my technique and style I will succeed.  Slowly and surely I have!

This weekend I ran into an old family friend, and we were talking about my photography business.  I said to her, “I just love what I do,” and she replied that with that sentiment I can do nothing but succeed!

I absolutely believe that if you love what you do, you are bound to succeed, and your customers and clients will see that in you and your business.

If you already have your own business or even if you are a big fan of some of your local businesses, check out Intuit’s Love a Local Business competition!

They are helping small businesses achieve their dreams.  Each month Intuit will be giving away $25,000 to a deserving local business.  And, in July they will be awarding $50,000 in grants to businesses in the two cities that get the most love.   Your votes will determine the winners.   You can even vote for ‘Mishelle Lane Photography’.

It’s been very exciting starting my own business, so I’m curious to know: What dream business would you love to start? By replying you will be entered to win an iPad 2!



Weekly Winners {What I’ve Been Doing}

What. A. Week!

It started last Sunday with a trip to the airport.   My mother and I exchanged kisses and seats, as she came in from Buffalo and I departed for Louisville.   She was coming to help us out, to watch the kids, while Michael trained for his new fancy-shmancy pilot job.  As for me, I went to “Loovul” to do some fancy-shmancy photography work for Where Women Cook during GE Momsperience.   Not only was it an opportunity to do what I love, it was an opportunity to see familiar faces as well as meet new ones.  On top of that I got to have fun AND turn thirty-seven.  The night of my birthday was spent at Churchill Downs, where there was a party just for me (or so I pretended.)  I mean, you can’t not pretend that 25 beautiful women (dressed to the nines with beautiful Derby inspired hats) aren’t all gathered just for you—Mint Juleps in hand!

Louisville is a beautiful city, and I was glad to add it to my list of visited cities!

I came home on Tuesday afternoon.  Michael picked me up from the train station, and we stopped for a bite to eat.  I can’t tell you the last time that Michael and I (JUST Michael and I) had a meal, out, together.  It was really nice, and I want to do it again.  Sushi, perhaps?  I digress…

After our bellies were full and the horrendous GA400 traffic died down we proceeded to get me to the second last Tech Week practice for Alice.  I was excited to see my full costume for my role of the Duchess.  The costumer, Jeannie, was there to help me get it all together, and I was thrilled.  We went through practice, in full make-up, and it felt so good to be on the stage.   After a quick hour-and-a-half we left the school and Michael and Davey were waiting to pick me and Livey up.   Davey gave me his requisite, “I missed you, Mama!”

The next few days were spent hanging out with my mom and the kids.  We shopped, we went out to eat, we had lunch at the lake, I learned how to make spinach strudel, and on Friday our first show was on.  Mama, Mikey, and Benny came to see us on opening night.  My friend Donna and her husband came to see us, too!  It was wonderful and I am definitely bitten by the acting bug.   Today is our Sunday matinee show, and I’m sad to see it come to end.   I can’t wait to try out (and land a part) in the next show.  I think I could pull off Miss Hanigan, don’t you?

Here are some pictures from my week.  Also, make sure you look at the end of this post for information on some other cool things I’m doing…



[Images By: Michael Lane]

[Images Courtesy: Donna Holzer]

Coming up this week:

Curvy Girl Guide is teaming up with Lands’ End to celebrate women of all shapes and sizes, and inspire them to have fun this summer by taking part in National Swimsuit Confidence Week. Lands’ End, together with 21 real women from Curvy Girl Guide, will launch the first National Swimsuit Confidence Week May 23 – 27, 2011.

You can be a part of this nationwide effort to inspire women to get off the beach chair this season with confidence.  Spread the word, join the movement and embrace your swimsuit confidence this summer!

Bloggers Join the Movement – On May 23, 2011, 21 women from Curvy Girl Guide will show off their swimsuit confidence by posting a photo in a 2011 Lands’ End Swimsuit. You can join in by posting your swimsuit photo on May 23, 2011 to inspire your followers – send a link to for a chance to win one of five $100 Lands’ End gift cards.  [via Curvy Girl Guide]

Also, I’m a part of something really cool with Snap MyLife! I will be judging photos for their Snap MyLife Summer Photo Contest. To enter upload one of your favorite photos (candids, portraits, landscapes or other subject that expresses what summer means to you.) The winner will be chosen based on their photos theme, composition and technique; the prize is a Canon PowerShot 14.1-Megapixel Digital Camera!  Like Snap MyLife on Facebook and enter today!

Oh, and come on over to Snap MyLife, see what it’s all about.


Some of the Things I Did Last Week

My Bliss: Part I

Blissdom 2011 by Mishelle Lane Photography

Blissdom11 - Mishelle Lane -7958

Blissdom 2011 by Mishelle Lane Photography

Blissdom11 - Mishelle Lane -7295

Blissdom 2011 by Mishelle Lane Photography

Blissdom 2011 by Mishelle Lane Photography

Blissdom 2011 by Mishelle Lane Photography

Blissdom 2011 by Mishelle Lane Photography

Blissdom11 - Mishelle Lane -7655

I slept with old friends, I walked, I taught, I laughed, I took pictures, I interacted, I sang, I danced, I ate, I drank, I loved…I found my red ball!

Please come back as I re-live my Bliss through the week.  I’ll have a great giveaway (in conjunction with Storkie) that you won’t want to miss.

Come back;  I have so many stories to tell.

Heads or Tails Mini-Sessions at Blissdom’11

I’m going to be in Nashville, TN for the Blissdom ’11 Conference, at the end of the month. I’ll be leading a Wisdom Workshop with Lotus, Dawn, Casey, Deanna, Amy, and Angie. ALL about photography, of course. The cool thing is that it’s going to be a very hands-on photography workshop. If you’re going to Blissdom, and you want to learn how to “get off the green square”, you should come to the workshop. I proposed the workshop; believe me when I tell you that it’s gonna be an excellent opportunity for some hands on training. Hands on training with some of the most talented photographers I know.

Photography: Get Off the Green Square!

Composition has been covered. What we need now is to get everyone out of automatic mode. Blissdom provides time to sit down in small groups and focus on what your camera can really do. Experienced and supportive workshop leaders will concentrate on teaching just what each part of the camera does. What is AV? What is TV? How the heck do I shoot in manual? Can someone please explain the difference between Adobe RGB and sRGB? RAW? An intimate hands-on learning environment followed by time to put your newly achieved non-automatic techniques to use with your instructors right there for additional help.

Another opportunity is having some portraits taken by yours truly:

I’m offering mini-sessions, either Boudoir style or head-shots!

The cost is $75.00, and this is what you get:

  • One 30-45 minute session
  • Five high quality, high-resolution images

Brittany-13 Brittany-10 Brittany-23
Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-9 On the Verge of Motherhood Confident

IMG_2351-2 Mishelle Lane Photography-Schick Intuition Party-21
Brittany-27 Brittany-26

Email me today (secretagentmama at gmail dot com) to secure your mini-session!

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