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The Story of BlogHer {Part X}

The End.

The Story of BlogHer {Part IV}

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For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a professional photographer.  I watched others develop their careers, envious of what they were doing and how quickly they had come into their own.

After leaving the portrait studio scene in the late 90’s—for motherhood—the only time I touched a camera was to take pictures of my quickly growing brood of children.   I took it everywhere with me, that much I remember, but the flash was always used and it was only used for snapshots.  I very rarely dabbled in the art of photography; at that point it was just day-to-day documentation.  And, that was more than OK.

In late 2004, though, something sparked in me.  I grabbed our mock-DSLR (a Fujifilm Finepix S5000) and started snapping.  I re-learned some things that were instilled within me during my first photography class in high school, and ran with it.   Little-by-little, I was engrossed again.   Come to think of it, I think the abandonment of my little 1.3MP point and shoot had a lot to do with an incident I like to call “Candy Apple Meets Fujicam in Mishi’s Purse”.  I really don’t like to talk about that much, though.

Fast forward to today.  I am alive with photography, and I see things differently as a result.  I do creative things with my camera, often creating art that is specific to myself and how I see the world around me.   I work as a photographer—documenting events, a family’s beauty, the love of a couple, the sexy appeal of a gorgeous mother.  I travel and speak about photography with other talented photographers.   I do not take light for granted nor my ability to bend it.    I continue to embrace it.


When I asked Lotus if she wanted to submit a “Room of Your Own” for BlogHer, I honestly had no idea what we were getting into, but I knew (I knew, I knew, I knew) that we had to do it.   Imagine how thrilled we were when the ROYO was placed in our hands.  Not only would we be presenting a session based on our idea, to the mix would be added none other than Rachel Devine.

I had followed Rachel (or Sesame Ellis as she’s known) on Flickr for a long time.  I loved her style and loved the fact that she had started blogging, too.   Being a big fan of her work intimidated me a lot.  I told Lotus that I was kind of scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it because Rachel was on a whole different level.

Then it happened.

We connected.

Rachel, Lotus and I connected.

There was this new dynamic that was introduced that is way deeper than any words I choose to use can describe. It’s a mutual respect and admiration that we have for each other.  It’s something that rapidly grew in our short time together, brainstorming and cultivating our presentation via email, Google chat, and Skype.

The meeting before our session, the ROYO itself, the dinner shared at Pazza Notte on Saturday night, and all the hugs and kisses–in between–are now a concrete part of my forever memory.

I <3 My Friends

Thank you Lotus and Rachel—
Thank you for your photogranerdiness!

Homer Simpson said it best, ” Television! Teacher, mother, secret lover.”

On January 20th the New Orleans Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings.   That night Michael and Mikey went to our neighborhood sports bar to watch the game.  I “watched” the game on Twitter (which was actually very entertaining, what with all the Who Dat! and Geaux Saints!)  When the boys got home we rejoiced that our favorite team was finally going to the Superbowl.   Mikey was convinced they won because he was wearing his lucky Saints jersey that he got as a present from us in the Christmas of 2006.

Later that night, while we lay in bed, Michael expressed how he wanted to buy a big, humongous, plasma television.  To. watch. the. Superbowl.

I thought, sure, why not?

And we did.

However, so as not to compromise our ideals we decided not to get satellite or cable.  We went the old fashioned route and Michael put up an antenna.   We knew we’d be able to, at least, watch the Superbowl.   And, actually, we get great reception, except for ABC (which I affectionately call Channel 7, as it is in Buffalo.)   That means I still have to watch Grey’s and Lost, online, but now I get to watch stuff like the news (which is really depressing, ya know?), Ghost Whisperer, She’s So Crafty, and my new favorite—Parenthood.  Oh, and Kitchen Nightmares!  Gordon Ramsey’s my hero.   But, I digress…

Our TV isn’t on all the time, except for when Blue’s Clues is playing, back-to-back, for David.   The kids still prefer to play outside instead of vegging in front of the “tube”.    But, we have re-assimilated nightly TV time back into our lives.   We watch Ghost Whisperer (we even have our own jingle made up — that’s another post), Survivor, Minute to Win It, American Idol, and Undercover Boss.   After dinner and bath- and shower-time, we hang out together watching some kind of show before bed.

That’s why I was so thrilled when I was invited to New York City, by Walmart  and Proctor and Gamble, to catch a sneak-peak of the new family-friendly TV programming that they are bringing back to television.   The movie “Secrets of the Mountain” is the first of hopefully many that Walmart and P&G want to bring to our family.  They know that families just like ours are seeking quality, family-oriented entertainment.  This film was produced in response to research that told that we are seeking something more than reality shows and crime dramas, and there are more family films in various stages of production.

Watching Secrets of the Mountain

I’m excited that there will be something for us to watch together on Friday night.  Friday night when we buy two pizzas from Walmart and chillax together.

I’m excited that there’s a movie that I know my kids will really, really love!   They love adventure movies, and this one definitely qualifies.

I’m excited that it will come on NBC!   You know, because it’s not “Channel 7” and comes in crystal clear.

And, I’m excited to give away a DVD of the movie with clips from behind the scenes!   All you have to do is comment below to be entered.

**CHERYL was picked from names in a hat!**

[My day-trip to NYC was provided by Walmart and P&G, however I was not asked to post about the movie.  I’m doing so as a mom, and because I totally liked the movie and feel that this is something we need more of on TV.  I know what we’ll be doing this Friday.  I hope you tune in with your crew, too!]

“I knew I wouldn’t forget you, and so I went and let you blow my mind…”

Stop! Pretzle Time!
Times Square Cabs Honk A Lot

View from the Penthouse in the London Hotel
Showing his Smart Phone off Metrocouple
Feet and Stars

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