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Weekly Winners {One Day in Seattle}

One day, in Seattle, four OG friends met up.  There were squeals and hugs and ohmygoshyoulooksopretties!  There was a Volvo with an attacking seat-belt—the kind that is seemingly like the tree that grabbed the brother in Poltergeist.  There was a drive, around the city, to a famous restaurant that makes killer burgers.  There was a lot of son-of-a-bitching when it was realized that the restaurant that we drove all around the city for was not there anymore, because they had totally succeeded and upgraded from the hole-in-the-wall to a very spacious and cool location.  There was belly-aching laughter.  There was milkshakes and beer.  There was killer burgers and fries. There were lava lamps. There were lunchboxes.  There were cute waiters boys.  There was artwork and landmarks.   There was a beautiful sunset in a very cool city.  And, most of all there was friendship and old-love!

OGs in Seattle


Best. Lunch. Ever.

Maria's Meat Burger {Where Meat Equals Kobe Beef}Lava Lamp {Photo for Olivia..errr..Olavia}!

Cute Watierboy

The Spaceneedle

Vee and Maria and the Sun

No Fish To Catch

Seattle Drain

Weekly Winners {The Mini-Story Edition}

When little boys have viruses that they don’t understand, it can really break your heart.  They play one minute, feel fine, and then they are sick as a dog, with very little energy, feeling all butt-hurty.    The virus lasted a good week in David.  All week long there were many middle-of-the-day naps, very little food consumption, and quite a few loads of laundry, as a result of throw up in the middle of the night.   On this day the medicine of choice of choice was administered in a green glass jelly jar.   Certainly, gingerale is for ailing bellies.

The trampoline had it’s final moments of play, this week., with the Lanes.  Three broken springs made us very leary of letting the big kids jump.  So, we decided it was time for it to leave the backyard that it has been a part of for almost four years.   On this bright blue day, Davey jumped for the last time.   He wasn’t sad, though, for we are looking into building him a wooden play-set.   We will all be forever grateful for those moments of jumping.  Those moments of feeling your belly flop that produced screams of delight and laughter.

Here in our parts, spring is in full force.  Flowers are blooming.  The buds on trees have burst into mini-leaves.  The rain is helping turn the grass from dead-brown to a lively green.  The earth is pushing up life through the dirt, and the temperatures are growing milder and warmer.  Spring has sprung and I am vowing to not complain about the warmth, even when it gets hot and humid.   It’s been a very long winter, for sure!

This week a friend came to visit Benny.  You can find out all about the visit by visiting the blog that we created called “Benny & Nutmeg

When asked what I’m up to, I usually say, “Oh about 5’8″!”  But, really, there’s a lot going on.

  • I auditioned for a production of Alice in Wonderland recently, and got the part of the Duchess.  Olivia is in the play, too!
  • Recently I was part of the coolest thing: The Cooking Connections class, hosted by Jim and Shannon, with The Motherhood, and sponsored by ConAgra.  It was an amazing interactive cooking class—the first of its kind, but definitely not the last.   You can see the whole class summery, HERE!
  • This upcoming week I will be jetting off to Seattle for a #NintendoEnthused summit.  A lot of friends will be there, and I am super excited to visit the west coast.
  • Last night I volunteered at the Art Center for the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater.  I am so excited to get more involved with the Art Center.  It just feels so good, so right.   Also, I can finally say that I’ve waited on tables!
  • In less than a week I will officially be the mother of a teenager.  How on earth did that happen so fast?    All I can do is keep walking and moving forward.

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