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If The Walls Could Talk

Always By a Wall

I was hand crafted  in an old man’s wood shop and I’ve been with this family for over thirteen years.  I’ve always stayed next to a wall.  I’ve always heard stories the wall, of any particular house, tells.  The stories have one common thread.  Togetherness.

Day 20

One Minute Writer

All That and the [Bathroom] Sink

Bathrooms are more than just for, you know, taking care of business.   Other “forms” of business are taken care of in there.  I know that I’ve had all sorts of different types of “encounters” in the bathroom.  Too many to go into detail about each and every one.

Butt (hardy-har-har)…

I do remember this one party, that Michael and I attended, for the then-girlfriend of my cousin Mike.  There were all sorts of spirits involved. There was a bathroom sink involved.  There was knocking involved.   Things were definitely upside down.  I guess you had to be there to understand.

While this memory is vivid and insanely interesting, it is just that…a memory!
(One that I won’t soon forget.)

These days, though, the bathroom serves as my mini-escape.  That is unless a certain little person weasels his way in when I seeking ten minutes of solitude.  Then it becomes a game of see how many things I can take out from under the sink before Mama goes crazy.  Oh, and if I’m having a conversation with someone that lasts more than ten minutes, [they] can be guaranteed that I’m “my office.”   The echo probably gives it away.

Inspired by: One Minute Writer and Self Portrait Challenge
Promts:  Party and Upside Down

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