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Pepper {Week 5}

With couple of missed days
Borrowed photos from Baba
Phone and Instagram

Company’s in town
And Pepper’s definitely
Shown her puppy ass

September 12 – 21







Weekly Winners {The Daily Dreams Edition}

Touch it, Mama. I dare you!

All in a day.

Lovely Livey

Benny Loves His Puppy

Sit. Stay. Good Girl.

Pie ALWAYS Wins!

Join me in October, for Dream Tending, a four week online self study course with Michelle Ensminger and Kelly Barton in association with Live it to the Full.

Life is a series of transitions, and navigating through those transitions can be tricky. Tending your most precious dreams in the midst of life’s transitions is trickier still. How do you learn to honor where you are and practice self-care, while at the same time maintaining focus on your dreams?

During this course, we’ll provide helpful tools you can use to nurture your dreams as you wade through life’s transitions. We’ll share our personal perspectives of transition and discuss ways you can keep your creative life fertile. Utilizing photography, art, and writing exercises, you’ll open yourself to the constancy and flow of dream tending  and discover that the fruit of dream tending is an enriched, meaningful, and awakened life.

Another installment of Mishi needs a full length mirror!

Pepper 365 {End of Week One}

Four accidents, at home, to date (housebreaking, so far, is pretty easy with this puppy.)
A round-trip five hour car ride to visit her “Aunt Sadie” (she was so good both ways.)
Two-and-a-half days of play, play, play, and a overdose on Sadie’s homemade soup (Sadie’s only mildly spoiled.)
One accident at Mamean’s (and it was Mikey’s fault which may get his paid neighborhood ‘dog walking gig’ card revoked.)
Yesterday marked one week with our family (she’s such a good fit.)

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
–Bern Williams

August 17
She Knows How Cute She Is (We Do, Too)

August 18
Loving Aunt Sadie's Toy

August 19

August 20
Cross My Heart

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