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New Orleans {Heart}

Fall of 1994:  Visited with Michael for the first time during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Embarrassed as I am to admit this: I never even knew the city existed.  I never knew the history, and I surely didn’t know that I would fall in love with the sights, sounds, and smells.  For someone as texture oriented as myself New Orleans just did it for me.  Instant attraction.

Summer of 1996:  Moved down as a newlywed.  This was my first time living away from home and I had tons of growing up to do.  If I had it to do over again, I’d do it way different.  But, the girl that I was here, at this stage, is not the woman I became.  It’s easy to be all “hindsight is 20/20”, but in actuality it’s really not that easy.

Summer of 2002: Visited with the kids and Michael.  Michael and I also stayed for a night without the kids.  It was hot as hell, and being as out of shape was no help.

Winter of 2009:  Visited with my big girl camera.  This was made possible by being contracted to be the photographer for the Tide – Loads of Hope.  This experience was one that (my camera and) I had been dreaming about for years.

Spring of 2013:  Visited with the whole family as part of our Redneck Food Tour.    It was awesome to enjoy New Orleans with the big kids at the ages they are (15, 14, and almost 13), and while Davey wasn’t too keen on all the walking he had a blast, too!

New Orleans, LA – You will always have my heart.


Remembering Katrina

I was devastated
I didn’t move from my bed
I watched the news and shook my head
The city that I loved lay in waste

Though time has passed
I can still recall those feelings of dread
And while I have since returned to embrace her
I simply can’t believe it’s been five years since the storm

It feels like it was yesterday
Since I was there as fresh newlywed
Since I prayed for her to hold on
Since I was there last

Still, daily daydreams take me back
Where I walk the streets
Smell the shockingly distinct smells
Of that one city, the city I love….

New Orleans, Louisiana

{New Orleans: A Set on Flickr}

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