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Lazy Break Haikus

Break week swiftly passed
Days filled with lazy and still
Cheer spilled from my cup

Wake Up

Leaves fell to the ground
Swirling and twirling, they danced
As trees stood watching

Falling FreeHangin' On

Sunlight in Autumn
Weaves through the weeds uniquely
Whispering, still here

Field for Dreams



“It comes and goes in waves…”

I am slowly coming back to life.
Through images and actions and sounds and words;
I feel the electricity that is me, myself, and I.
Finger cannot be put on it, but I call it longing.
I desire the monochrome to be colored brilliantly,
With glitter and confetti and soaring thoughts;
I think we all want something more.
Not to be caged in the daily boredom,
I strive for those moments when doors can be opened
Allowing take off.
I fly to the clouds with mended wings.



Listen and enjoy:

My Biggest Success

Today marks sixteen years
Twenty one job changes shared
Five moves,
Enough to make any person dizzy
Buffalo to New Orleans
New Orleans to Buffalo
Buffalo to Atlanta
Atlanta to Buffalo to Atlanta again.
Four children added to the mix
With three dogs,  a hermit crab, and a bunch of fish
One motorcycle
Eight vehicles
Cars, trucks, and vans
Countless hours traveled
On beloved country roads
Ups and downs
Twists and turns
Around and arounds
We have seen so very much
The years have gone by
Almost instantaneously
The laughter
Is measureless, and
Quite possibly the glue
Of our marriage
Marks sixteen years
I have been his Mrs
And he has been my Mr
It’s one of the greatest
Of my life



Five Minute Breakfast Poem {Three}

Little hills are big
To a precious boy who stole
My heart down the hill

Last the moon peeked through
The buds were barely on trees
Making way for green

April is the month
For Five Minute Breakfast Poems
Come on and join in!

Five Minute Breakfast Poems {One}

I’m searching for a song
Listening closely to find it
I heard it while I was by myself

The lyrics sank into me while
In a king sized bed
I heard it when I was myself

Searching for a song
When you don’t know the name is hard
I heard it when I craved to find myself

I will find the song
I will listen closely to it again
I heard it to see myself better

The lyrics are lost in my brain
Though the lyrics are emblazoned upon my heart
I heard it as I talked to myself

When I finally find the song
I will release the words from my lips
I heard that it will make me more—myself–-whole

I’m searching for a song
With power to touch a corner of your soul
I heard it and, at the very least, it has helped to heal

Come and play along!

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