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{Accessorizing} Your Photo Shoot

There are a few interesting things on the horizon for Mishelle Lane Photography.  A week from today I will be shooting the wedding of one of my co-workers, and I have a few families interested in portraiture.   I can’t wait!  Also, a great fellow photographer friend and I have decided to get our families together and each of us is going to photograph the other family.  I’m excited to see myself through someone lens, other than mine on a tripod, a timer, and a prayer.  Even though. last year, it did work out pretty well.  See?

Recently I was asked to shoot an engagement session for one of the cutest couples ever, Katie & Destin.   We mulled over different ideas for various locations, but we finally ended up in a little historic town, called Tate, not too far from where we live.    Actually, we started out at Dawsonville’s City Hall (which is also the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame, because, that’s how we roll around here.)   I love to shoot there because there are a few backdrops that make me really happy.  I’ve had photo-shoots there with our kids, Zumba babe – Maggie, and Erica & Dusty.    Recently I came full circle with Erica & Dusty by shooting them from engagement to marriage to pending parenthood to first portraits of their adorable baby boy.  I honestly hope to do the same with Katie & Destin!



Often my clients will ask me what they should wear; I tell them to stay away from too many conflicting patters and offer some suggestions about colors.  Katie was spot on in her choices for their photo shoot.  She went with rich autumn colors and accessorized PERFECTLY!  I loved that she chose to wear an animal print scarf  and beautiful lacy dangling earrings.  When we take our family portraits, later this month, I will definitely go with classic accessories like scarves and jewelery to add depth and contrast.
I also visited Katie & Destin, at their home, and photographed them with a couple other awesome accessories—their beautiful fur-babies, Koda and Pixie.  And, still, Katie chose a beautiful scarf to compliment her outfit.  Seriously, I cannot wait to shoot their wedding on 4/20/12!


Highlights From My Last Photo Shoot

I was so excited when Zumba Babe Maggie asked me to take her portraits.
Maggie wanted to do it in honor of her birthday, and I was so glad that she trusted me to do a “Heads (AND) Tails Photo Session”!  We actually did a triple threat shoot:  Zumba, Boudoir, and Portraits.


If you are local and are interested in your own “Heads and/or Tails Photo Shoot” just drop me a line and we’ll set something up!  

Take One: SUCCESS!

This year I knew I wanted to take a family portrait with all of us, not just the kids.    Schedules are a mess around here, but yesterday was the day.  I decided on our color (BLUE!) and we all got ready.  In the past my first attempt has always been met with failure.  This year was different, though, and I am very happy with the outcome. I’ll probably torture the kids with some more pictures, thanks to Pinterest!

These are all the black and whites, because that’s how I roll.

Ze Kids

Meet Me Down by the River

Meet me down by the river, and
I’ll take your picture.
The kids will have fun, and
I’ll capture their brilliant smiles.

Meet me down by the river, and
I’ll take your picture.
You’ll steal a minute by a tree, and
I’ll catch that look in both of your eyes.

Meet me down by the river, and
I’ll take your picture.
These precious moments will be locked, and
I’ll always be honored that you let me hold the key.

This is {NaBloPoMo}

A New Look at Familiar Faces

It is amazing what seventeen years will do to a girl.  It will find her married.  It will make her a mother.  It will add those lines around the eyes when she smiles.  It will change her way of thinking.  It will make her softer. It will allow her to see that things she worried about as a teenager aren’t really important.   And yet it will make her cherish those teenaged worries, for they are a rite of passage.  To get here we have to get through there, and here is pretty awesome.  Even with the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the whys, and the how comes.   Seventeen years is an amazing amount of time.




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