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It’s Over.

This Was #14

Potty training, that is….

It’s been a long, long road.  One filled with fear, uncertainty, stickers, and M&M’s.

Lots of M&M’s.

He’s not four.  He’s three and nine months.  So what if that’s close to four?

Finally! sitting on the toilet is fun.

And, oh, what fun!

Three boys to clean up after.


It’s over, and everyone’s celebrating.  Grandmothers* included.

*Mameen (Michael’s mom) sent Davey some poo-poo money.  Davey got new Thomas underwear and a new train, too!

This is What My Week Looks Like

In His Eyes


This has proven to be a big test in life!

Yesterday:  FAIL

He held it for a long time in the morning.   And he held it mainly TO NOT go in the potty.  We spent a lot of time in the kitchen, on the kitchen floor.  So, by early afternoon I put another diaper on him thinking, he’s not ready.


Today:  TAKE TWO

Yesterday I got some [knock off] Pull Ups.   Maybe he needs the security of the feeling of a diaper?  We’ll see.

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