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“Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given–when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes.” —Joan Winmill Brown

Christmas Unwrapped

Christmas Morning 2008

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On Christmas Eve, Michael and I wrapped all the presents.  It took us almost 3 hours and Michael did a lot of the wrapping. I did some, but he really cranked it out.  Despite what he thinks he’s really good at it, too.  We placed everything under the tree and went to bed shortly thereafter.

The Bigs all woke up around 7:30am, but Davey was still asleep, so I sent them to hang out in Olivia’s room.  About 20 minutes later Davey called out.   It was time to head downstairs to see what awaited.    Papa went down first to put on all the Christmas lights.

Everyone went at it, as soon as they could.  Davey was a little stunned and was trying to play with the toys in his basket.  Even when we showed him how to open, he wasn’t very amused.   I thought he’d be super-jazzed, but I guess he’s still too young to really “get it.”

Here’s what everyone got for presents:

Mikey:  a camera (Nikon Coolpix), a case, a memory card, a video rocker, a Pirateology book, an Air Hog remote control helicopter, a pocket knife, a reading lamp, the board game Clue, and stocking stuffers (ranging from  movies to pens/pencils to  bubble gum cigarettes)

Olivia:  an art desk and really nice art supplies, a Flytech Dragonfly, The Daring Book for Girls, an iPod shuffle, Scrabble, a reading lamp, a glass paper weight, and stocking stuffers (ranging from a Webkinz to dragon tattoos to Life Savers)

Benjamin:  a bike (a nice bike w/o training wheels and just his size), a Star Wars Wii game, a Half-Life Head Crab plush toy (don’t ask!),  three classic books, a Nerf basketball door thingy,  a reading lamp, an Air Hog rc helicopter,  and stocking stuffers (ranging from a Bionicle to Pocky to a Webkinz to Hubba Bubba)

Davey:  a Radio Flyer Tricycle, a set of blocks, 2 puzzles, Little People farmer/tractor, books, Crayola Wonder finger paints, and stocking stuffers (ranging from a little Sesame Street lunch box with cookies inside to Crayola Wonder coloring book and markers to a Krispy Kringle chocolate to Matchbox cars)

I also gave the kids the Harry Potter box set that I won, a while back, from Discovering Dad.

Michael got a super awesome ornament from Olivia, new hiking boots, aftershave, and a magazine.

I got two beautiful *Chinese ornaments (one has a Buddha on it and the other had a jade heart w/ a horse), and a very cool, very nice, very thoughtful tri-pod!

* * * * * *

We chilled out the whole day.  I played with pictures while the kids and Papa played with their remote control flying contraptions.  We watched movies (the last of which was It’s a Wonderful Life), nibbled on cheese dip and Frito scoops and deviled eggs, and then I made dinner (baked ham, candied yams, green bean casserole, and warm dinner rolls).   After we put the kids in bed, Michael and I played on the Wii a bit before turning in.  We were both pooped and went out like lights.

Christmas was very low-key, and I kind of felt a little blah-in-the-head.   Sometimes the holidays can do that, ya know.   For what it’s worth, though, it was a very nice day with plenty of laughter, love, and play.

*The Buddha ornament is hanging on the tree.  We figure that Jesus and Buddha must be friends.


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