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Pepper 365 {End of Week One}

Four accidents, at home, to date (housebreaking, so far, is pretty easy with this puppy.)
A round-trip five hour car ride to visit her “Aunt Sadie” (she was so good both ways.)
Two-and-a-half days of play, play, play, and a overdose on Sadie’s homemade soup (Sadie’s only mildly spoiled.)
One accident at Mamean’s (and it was Mikey’s fault which may get his paid neighborhood ‘dog walking gig’ card revoked.)
Yesterday marked one week with our family (she’s such a good fit.)

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
–Bern Williams

August 17
She Knows How Cute She Is (We Do, Too)

August 18
Loving Aunt Sadie's Toy

August 19

August 20
Cross My Heart


the gray
suffocating clouds
have lifted
the gentle breeze
twirls around you
like a fairytale dream
the busy bees buzz
from blossom to blossom
the blue
clear ceiling
an open canvas
as if a space
to draw
intimate bliss
these days of spring
as reminders of warmth
are swirled with the breeze
rays of sun
kissing your skin
like a lover
with the promise
of calm
and joy
scribbled euphoria

Weekly Winners {Project 365 Rewind}

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{Now go see one of my BFF’s, Lotus, and wish her well on her move back to Austin, TX}

Nervous No More

Day 13 | Portrait of a Grandfather

Day 13 | Portrait of a Granddaughter

One of the few people that I’ve never felt judged me was my Grandfather, my Dedo.  The others–my mother, my father, my grandmother, many other faceless, insignificant people–brought forth this feeling in me that, in recent years, has turned to resentment.   I resent being judged.  I resent being nervous about how they see me.  I resent not having luscious, super-good feelings.  I resent not being respected.

That’s what it boils down to:  To give respect, you have to give respect. {He respects me, and I respect him.}

I’m not that naïve girl anymore.


I will not be walked on.

{100 Words}


Day 12 | His Eyes Pop My Heart

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