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I Was At The Door

One of my major regrets, in life, is not pushing myself earlier in the photography world.  There I stood, at the door, and instead of breaking it down to get inside I was softly knocking.  And, of course, when no one answered, I just went home, so-to-speak.

(Why does it take decades to realize what you should have done?)

I’m sure that I could have found ways to start my own business, back then.   Within me was the  knowledge; if only I would have been courageous enough to ask for help in getting started.  If only I could have believed in myself completely.

(Looking back makes me a little angry.  No, no, not “a little” angry—it makes me A LOT angry.)

Ultimately, here I am.  Trying my best to make a name for myself.  Doing what I can to not fail.   Discovering new things about myself and photography, everyday.

This profession is not easy.  The passion for photography, however, is effortless.   And, that is what drives me.  Regrets or not, I’m here because I’m doing what I love.

Photography, like blood, courses through my veins.
Photography, like succulent fruit, nourishes my body.
Photography, like a zen-filled breath, soothes my soul.
I can’t not photograph.

Tuesday Morning Grind

55: Music, Coffee, Keyboard, Thoughts

I stayed up too late last night. Chatting, writing, emailing, tweeting, blipping, working.  I am a little bit closer to the end of a project that I’ve been working on.  And, it’s actually not as hard as I had originally made it out to be. I think one more late night and I will be happy with the end result.

When [you] look at life, in retrospect and as an adult, it is amazing what you see and how you feel.  My writing piece is not as riveting as some I’ve heard about or read, but it is part of me.  The tale has made me who I am today; it has made me into a lover, an artist, a dreamer, a mother, me.  I look forward to sharing it.

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