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100 Blissful Memories {Part VI & VII}


51) Hot Potato, Hot Potato:  The excitement built through all their videos.   Some good buddies were part of the showdown, and in my opinion this conference party raised the bar.  It was interactive, interesting, and FUN!

SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3719 SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3722

52) The Team Fans:  Lotus, Tanis, and myself.  The three hotties of Team Jim!


53)  The Announcer: Not only was she a great announcer, she was witty and adorable!

SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3742 SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3740

54) The Ingredients:  They looked so good, in their white bowls, all lined up.  It was quite tempting.


55)  The Guests:  There were so many there to watch the Tastemakers duke it out!

SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3835 SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3805

56) The Contestants:  Amy @Resourceful Mommy, Jen @ Savor the Thyme, Jo Lynne @ Musings of a Housewife. Jodi @  Mom’s Favorite Stuff, Lindsay @ Rock and Roll Mama, Melanie @ MelaDramatic Mommy, Melanie @ Modern Mami, Rachel @ A Southern Fairy Tale, and Jim @ Busy Dad Blog


57) The Throw-down:  They were each given the type of potato dish they had to prepare.  And twenty minutes to work their Tastemaking Magic.  The audience was right there, cheering them on, and there was such a feel-good vibe going on.

SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3871 SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3876

58) The Creations:  They all looked so awesome.  The only one I got to try was Jim’s, though.


59) The Youtube Fan Fave:  Jo-Lynne was the fan favorite.  I loved her videos!

SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3885 SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3883

60) The Princess:   OMG, a real. live. princess.  Oh wait, it’s Robin!   I caught a glimpse of her, earlier, at Fuse and knew that I had to give her a fairytale photo shoot.  Which?  Came out STELLAR, if you ask me!


61) The Dance-Off:  While we waited on the judging, we were called to dance.  Because, what’s a party without dancing?


62) The Super-Star:   Jessica can be my cheerleader any day.


63) The Canadian Vixen:  If you missed Catherine’s dancing, well, that’s too bad.  Because it was HOT.


64) The Cute Feet:   Those are my Loter’s cute toes!    (See #20)


65) The Trophy:  And the winner is…..    (don’t you just love how you can see all the crowd in the trophy?)


66) The Triumphant One:  RACHEL!!!!!!!!!


67) The Potato Gang:   They did a great job.  It was awesome to be a witness to it all.


68) The Laughter on the Stairs:   This was after we kept dancing-off, and singing into lenses, and busting moves in a dancing circle, and singing at the top of our lungs, and Electric Sliding, and Living on a Prayer.   Sarah and Kat collapsed in a heap of laughter.  [We] were so high.  Endorphins, yo!


69)  The Peapodsquad’s mom, Monica:  I think this may be one of my favorite pictures from the night!


70)  The Blogger Down:   That’s Malia having laughed her ass off, so hard, that she went down.  And she’s a Canon girl; God I love her!

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