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Today, I am Thankful for…

I am thankful that Michael is not here.  (Yes, I really am because) That means he
has job and is working.  Not to mention that after this week he will be training for his promotion.   That’ll be “Captain Lane” to you, thankyouverymuch!

I am thankful for Skype and Facebook.  While it would be wonderful to have a million cars parked in the cul de sac, and family and friends around our table, Skype and Facebook keep us connected, and for that I am forever grateful.

I am thankful that each of our children are so totally different from one another, because, really, variety is the spice of life.   This includes the puppy, because we all know that fur babies are just as much our children as the ones that were housed in our belly.

I am thankful that I am not crazy enough to hit the stores on Black Friday.   Now can someone please stop the insanity with the Crazy Target Lady and the Kohl’s Rebecca Black ditty?!

I am thankful for my ability to cook (FINALLY!)     I mean, just the other day I was talking to Michael about how I once made him creamed spinach when we lived in Cheektowaga.  He then reminded me that I didn’t cook in Cheektowaga (blank stare).  And, then I reminded him that he threw up after that creamed spinach endeavor.  I guess that we were living in Cheektowaga when I started to step out of my comfort zone, and stop cooking out of the box.   It’s been one foot in front of the other, over the years, and now I actually enjoy cooking.

I am thankful that I had food to cook for my children today, and I’m thankful that I
roasted our 12 pound bird breast side down.  One word: Juicy.   Oh, and, cornbread dressing.  There’s something to be said for being a southern transplant.

I am thankful for my old Food Saver because it allowed me to freeze Michael’s Thanksgiving dinner so that he can enjoy it when he gets home.

I am thankful that we have not one, but two Redboxes close to our house.   Even if one of your kids (ehem, Benny) picks a horrible movie that starts with Judy and ends with Moody.

(Bonus gratitude:  Davey actually sat through a whole movie.  Maybe we can actually go see that movie with the Penguins that he’s been talking about.)

I am thankful for the gym I joined in October.   I feel that I’m becoming slightly obsessed with working out, but there are way worse things to be obsessed with.  Like, pie, I could totally be obsessed with pie.   Maybe I am, but in that case I am SUPER grateful for my new gym obsession.

I am thankful that I am who I am, even if I’m whiny about how I want my new iPhone, like, yesterday.

I am thankful for so much that I can’t put it all done in one post or condense it all in one day.

I am thankful, that much is true.

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