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On a 757

Day 93 | Spring Break Morning

Usually, I am right here,
McIlhenny Co. TABASCO mug in hand,
Earbuds never far from reach,
Little boy with grapes and a sippy cup equally close.
Today, though, I am not here,
I have boarded a plane,
Bound for a city whose streets I have never set foot upon,
A city that is on the opposite side of the state where I grew up.

I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.  Promise!

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No Loss of Suction. Literally.

The Company I Kept {I only wish I had met more people}:
Lou | Julie | Mel | Lee | Holly | Leanne & Tyler | Sarah | Jenn | Kelli | Cynthia

& many thanks to Etosha, Kate, and Brandon (of CHI-CLM) for their organizational skills.

The trip was paid for by Hoover, but I have not been paid to write this post.  I just wanted to share my experience with everyone.  The trip was quick—too quick—but it was fantastic and I was honored that I was asked to be a part of it.

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Heating Up and Cooling Off

Day 5 | Heating Up

Day 6 |  Cooling Off

We got to Buffalo without any major issues.  I will say, though, that boarding a plane with four children–one of whom is a three year old–a car seat, and your husband’s old flight bag is HARD.  Really. Effing. Hard.   But, I did it.   The kids were awesome during the flight, and that made up for the 4.7 minutes of crazy that I experienced when we got on board.

Here are some randoms from our two days here, thus far:

  • We had our traditional “welcome back’ pizza and chicken wings.
  • My parents’ hearts have been melted approximately 143 times, by little David, already.
  • TV really sucks.
  • Or maybe it’s the volume setting; I can’t decide?
  • Or maybe it’s Armageddon Week?
  • I do love Man vs. Wild, though.
  • Oh, and Food Network!
  • We’ve had one throw up incident.
  • I saved the new Oriental rug.
  • Yes, I did my mom proud.
  • Mikey’s got a sore throat and my mom blames the 1/2 hour of playing in the snow.
  • My mom and I went to Lowe’s tonight and bought two more area rugs for the dining and formal living room.
  • At 9:55pm.
  • They close at 10:00pm.
  • I’ve been to the brand new Wal-Mart.
  • Twice!
  • It’s really, really bright in there.
  • I’m writing this at 12:40am
  • And I’m tired.
  • So, goodnight.

Out of Office (Wherein Office Means House)

I’m in Chicago today. Working.

Doesn’t that sound really professional and cool?   That’s cause it is!

There’s still time to enter the fancy purse give-a-way!

We Always Hang in a Buffalo Stance


Ledge Hanging Ledge Standing

Davey was introduced to Baba and Dedo’s ledge last week.  That ledge has housed flower pots,  purses at holiday times, picture frames, as well as my my butt, my cousins’ butts,  and my kids’ butts, too!    Seeing Davey up there was fulfilling.  The kids were all obsessed about his safety.    I simply said, “Guys!  He isn’t the first kid to climb and sit up there.   I let all of you up there and have pictures to prove it.”

He could have fallen, sure.  He could have bumped his head, yeah.  He could have gotten scared of his stance, obviously.  But, I had to let him.  It was a small rite of passage that he himself had to experience.

The Ledge


New Friends

These beautiful girls with my beautiful girl are the daughters of a friend of mine, from highschool.  I had the pleasure of photographing them at a local park in our home town.  It was such a delicious experience that I ate the whole thing up and was so full up from the love of it all that I even may have burped.   The girls became fast friends and Olivia was even invited to spend the day with them, this summer, when we go back.

Olivia sat with my friend while I photographed her girls.  Afterward, when we all reunited in the middle of the park, my friend proceeded to tell me how funny Olivia was.  Of course, I instantly thought that maybe she had told some not-so-appropriate joke, or story, or something.

Turns out she did.  Kinda.

You see, when we met with them Olivia very politely extended her hand and introduced herself (SCORE!)   And while she was sitting and talking she said, ‘You know, I know there’s all this talk about the Swine Flu, but I still shook your hand when I met you;  I’m not afraid of the Swine Flu!”

Olivia also took on a loving role with another friend’s little girl.  Sometimes the pride can really make you feel explosive.

Her reward: A Dr. Pepper Slurpee from 7-11

That reward sparked a whole ‘Why don’t we have 7-11’s in Georgia’ conversations. I’m still not sure, but I do think every town should have one.

New Friends


Our Church

Right now religion is a little lost on me.  But, the same cannot be said for my faith.  My faith is strong, though a little scattered.  I believe what I believe while I still ponder deeper meanings.

However, I cannot look at Our Church without feeling a sense of respect, tradition, and home.  There’s so much there, so much history.  There’s so much to learn.  There’s so much I’ll only be able to figure out on my own.   For now, though, I am content with spirituality.    Religion may never play a big, huge role in my life, and I’m coming to terms with that.

His Sermon

Inside Sts. Cyril & Methody



I didn’t get to see everyone that I wanted to see, this time, in Buffalo.  I did, however get to spend time with Pauline (and her brother’s girlfriend, Amanda) one night.  We had a night filled with laughter, tarot cards, and skinny mirrors.  Pauline is a sister to me.   She knows this.  You know this, right, PJ?

Our conversations ranged from light to heavy.   Our voices boomed with laughter and muted from tears.

It is proven that we are connected deeply, no matter where we go or what we do, and to have someone in your life—that simply gets you—is amazing.

To those that I didn’t see, I apologize.   Time slips by and comes around again, though.    Quickly, too.

My Reflection on Drunken Terot Card Reading Night at my Cousin Pauline's House!


My Mother

As a mother I have a fear that I am perpetually messing up my kids.   I think many mothers have this fear.   Am I doing enough?  Am I saying enough?  Am I screwing them up?  Will they write a good blog or a bad blog about me, when they grow up?

Here’s the thing, though:  No matter what, when it all boils down, a child will know love.   There will be hurt, ache, hardship, and struggle, but a child will know love.

As we were leaving I heard my father say to the kids that he was used to us leaving and that he wasn’t going to cry (he used to always cry), and he didn’t.    When he hugged me, though, he cried.     Love is truly a twisted tangled mess sometimes.    A welcomed mess, indeed.

Boys Lounge

Aside:  When I made my first blog, it was titled “We Always Hang in  Buffalo Stance” but I like Secret Agent Mama much better!

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