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Recovery is Hard

5/19: Recovery

It had to be done.   Sure there are those out there that think that waiting is the way to go, but eventually the surgery would have [probably] had to be done.  It had to be done and I’m glad that David is young enough to not remember this whole ordeal.

This week has been a slow motion week for a very fast paced boy.  Normally, he hits the ground running and doesn’t even think to stop.  His little run is so quick that his heels kick out and it’s one of the sweetest, cutest, most adorable things to watch.   This week has been a slow motion week for a very fast paced boy and I never thought I’d say it but all I want is to watch Davey bounce from here to there, from there to here.

5/21: Snuggle Wuggle

“Two Balls in the Basket”

David’s surgery was extremely successful; there were no complications whatsoever.  His doctors and team of nurses took great care of him.  He slept a lot this afternoon and even ate and drank for us without incidence.  We are thankful that this went so smoothly, and we are hopeful that the rest of his recovery will sail this way as well.

I would like to thank everyone who offered prayers and thoughts for us today.

Heading Down to Surgery I

Heading Down to Surgery II

After Surgery

David’s Surgery Day is Here

David Alexander

Sometimes when things are planned you think they’ll never ever get here.   Like, it’s so far away in time that it just has to be forever before it gets here.  Wrong.   Time passes by quickly.  The sands stream effortlessly through the hourglass, and the day is (all-of-the-sudden) here.

That day is today.

David’s surgery (for an undescended testicle) is today.   It’s a routine surgery, I’m told, and it is an outpatient one as it is.   Still, it’s surgery.  He’ll be intubated.  He’ll be under general anesthesia.  A surgeon will cut into him and he will experience some form of discomfort afterwards.

To be honest, it scares the living shit out of me.   I will be strong though.  I have to.  Not just for myself, but for that little boy that counts on me to be so.

Prayers, good thoughts, vibes, whatever-whatever is ABSOLUTELY appreciated!

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