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It’s All About the Process

Day 16

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Everyday I take
The steps for coffee I make
Grinding then dumping

Pouring then drinking
It’s all about the process
To keep me awake

The Pensieve

For the Love of Christmas

Dancing from left to right, up and down, merrily we go, all around
The bells they ring filling our ears with a precious and blessed sound

A bouquet of pine and sugar and glee let’s us clearly know
That she’s in the kitchen preparing our meal with effervescent gusto

For this is the time that hearts are held, blessed wholly and loved.

Original Poetry by:
Mishelle O. Lane

Pensieve’s Poetic License

l o v e t h u r s d a y

in the mix
there is truth
that not one
is like another
our marks show
differences of life

some are bright
others are dull
we all shine
we become one

in the mix
there is breath
collectively drawn in
and slowly exhaled
showing the marks
of life’s similarities

Original Poetry by:
Mishelle O. Lane

The Ice Must Melt

Bitterness encased
Her lithe appendages
Still her place
Among the rest

Her pain
Found respite
Before the thaw
Took over

A new
Light was cast
Tears were shed
As her heart beat

Original Poetry by:
Mishelle O. Lane

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