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All That and the Kitchen Sink

62: All That and the Kitchen Sink Taken @ 12:33a.m.

Last night, around 7:30pm, the doorbell rang. The doorbell very rarely rings, unless we are getting a delivery or if the girls across the street want to play with the kids. I looked at Michael, who was in pajamas, and decided to spare him the burden of getting up. I was in clothes. An off-white Davey marked turtle neck, but I digress.

I got to the door, looked through the side windows to see seventeen boys standing there (ok, ok … so there were really only five.) I laughed, “Uhhh Can I help you?”

“We’re blah blah blah blah with blah blah blah blah and we blah this kitchen sink and blah blah blah..”

“Hold on,” I said as I opened the door enough to actually hear what they were saying, yet not enough for Sadie to go out and kill the boys (with her breath.)

One piped up, “We’re with [a group who’s name I didn’t catch at this instance] and we’ve traded up from a penny to this kitchen sink and we’re wondering if you’d have anything you’d like to trade for it?”

“ARE YA’LL HIGH?” I questioned, point blank.

“We’re with a CHRISTIAN GROUP called YOUNG LIFE.” one cute boy replied.

“OH SNAP! I just asked boys from a Christian Youth Group if they were high.” I lamented.

{laughter ensued}

I came back in and told Michael what all the hub-bub was and we decided to trade Benny’s old bike for the sink. I went back outside to make it so.

“Ok, so how about I trade you guys this bike?”

“That’s awesome!”

“I feel safe that I can come out here now since ya’ll are a Christian Youth Group and stuff. Anyway, my husband’s inside if you try to kill me he’s got guns. So don’t try to kill me,” I joked.

But, they were boys from a Christian Youth Group so it was all good. No killing, only laughter.

I said, “Ok, just wait here for a minute. Don’t leave!” and I ran inside to –what else?– grab my camera!

Once I got my flash mounted I ran back out, told the boys that I was a blogger, and that they were so totally getting blogged about!

“Right On!” one of them said as they posed in front of our door with the sink and then the bike.



One of the guys asked what the blog was and I said you’ll have to try to remember it.  And I told him the name of it.

After a few minutes Livey called out, “Mama, they are across the street trading the bike for a see-saw?!”

“WHAT?” I yelled as I grabbed my camera and ran out the front door.

“Ya’ll traded my bike for that see-saw?”

“Your neighbor says he’s gonna give you your bike back, though.”

“I didn’t need it; that’s why I traded it.   Let me get a picture. You know, for the blog!”

They posed. We laughed. They left.


Rock on Christian Youth Group Boys, Rock On! You are all that and the kitchen sink, yo!

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