The Bridge

The Bridge

i’ll never cross the bridge again, she said
as if it would be forever standing
she was off the path beyond it and there was no need

she was turning back towards home
home where all was hers; safe and warm
where the air was strange, chaotic, and full

that bridge always terrified her
being ill-fated and unstable
crossing it took something from her

it took her heart
and it twisted her guts
into a new version of herself

pondering, she sat with legs dangling freely
looking forward and still looking back
oddly, not knowing which way to go

then the reinforcements broke
falling was inevitable, this she knew
i will claw my way up, she said, and i will survive

she got a hold, she steadied, and she flew
taking off far from the broken bridge
in the direction of home

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5 Responses to “The Bridge”
  1. 09.01.2009

    So lovely. A poem is a great way to start my day. Thanks.

  2. 09.01.2009

    That is absolutely wonderful. I can see how it can apply to so many areas of my life. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. 09.01.2009

    Lovely piece, Mishi. I love the sentiment.

  4. 09.01.2009

    This was perfection right now for me. Thank you, Mishi, thank you.

  5. 09.02.2009

    You’re so beautiful.

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