The One About Cleaning

I like a clean house.

That doesn’t mean my house is always clean.

There are, however, certain times each month that my house totally passes ‘white glove’ inspection. Those times? Like, when people come over. Or when we leave for a trip. Or when someone is sick.

You get the picture?

Don’t believe me? Keep reading:

December, 2008: My parents flew in for 2 weeks–yes, that’s what I said– two. whole. weeks. It was clean when they got here and later that day it was a wreck. Four adults, four kids, two dogs. Two. Whole. Weeks.

January: I hosted a play-date. And, I vacuumed. And, I mopped. And, I dusted.

Mama, why are you cleaning so much?

Oh, hush! I always clean when people come over. I’m Macedonian, it’s a given.

I don’t understand, Mama.

Oh, you will!

February: I took the month off. Sorta. I had my first official paid photography job. I think that more than entitled me to taking the month off of hosting AND cleaning. My Mom came to watch the kids while I went and worked. Needless-to-say, I came back to a very clean house. Thanks, Ma!

March: Birthday party. ‘Nuff said.

April: This month was a kind of reversed. Instead of expecting guests, the kids and I embarked on our spring trip to Buffalo. I wanted the house to be immaculate for Michael. However, being a super procrastinator I left the cleaning for the day before the trip. I cleaned, yes, but it wasn’t even close to immaculate.

May: David had minor, out-patient surgery. I just felt that I needed to clean before this happened because I knew that I would be spending a lot of time with my little “cut-nut” boy (read: little boy who had surgery for an undescended testicle.)

June: Our 13 year old, chocolate lab, Sadie left us. It was sad to clean up the old dog hair that had gathered and stuck to the baseboards, but it was a coping mechanism for me, as well. I vacuumed, washed the cover to her doggie bed, and somehow found the motivation to mop, too.

July: [See April]

August: What else is there to do when it’s super hot and humid. I think this may win the cleanest month of all award.

September: Angie (a/k/a Angie Pangie, a/k/a Awesome Angie, a/k/a One of My First OG Bloggy Peeps, a/k/a A Whole Lotta Nothing) flew in to town and spent the freakin’ night! I cleaned so much for her, but that just goes to show how much I love her. In addition to her staying at Casa Lane, the day we left for Type-A Mom Conference more bloggy peoples came over and we drove to Asheville, NC.

October: I don’t even remember this month. Did we even have an October this year?

November: My Father-in-law and his wife came over. They spent a a few hours visiting before we all went out to dinner. I even went so far as to have fresh fruit, nuts, Triscuits, and cheddar cheese slices on the table. A clean house and a healthy snack spread on the table? Now, that’s impressive!

December, 2009: My Mother-in-law and her husband just spent the night recently. The blinds got dusted. The fan blades got dusted. The entertainment stand got dusted. The stainless steel surfaces of the dishwasher and oven got cleaned. The top of the fridge got wiped down. I even scheduled a play-date, later that week. I totally believe in killing two birds with one stone.

Here’s to the New Year and all the visitors, trips, and illnesses that will have a direct effect on the cleanliness of our home.

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