The results are in…

MishibabyMessy Dressy

Everything is “normal”, except my blood sugar.
Yes, even my thyroid.
They said, continue taking metformin.
Lose weight (duh!)
Go back in 3 months for bloodwork.

So, that’s what I’ll do.

Game. On.


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12 Responses to “The results are in…”
  1. yeah! also, damns. but yeah!

  2. 03.04.2010

    I am basically in the same boat, almost 3 years ago my hair was falling out like no body’s business…hormone imbalance due to all the extra fat in my blasted gut. GRRR.
    So, while I started working on weight…and still work on it I started taking a hair and nail vitamin, which really seemed to help or at least made me feel better.

    I also just started using Nioxin products to make my thin limp hair look more like the rest of the world. It is expensive, but dang, for the first time in like EVER my hair feels “normal”.

    My hair stopped the mass head exodus when I dropped about 15 lbs…and when I gained 4 of them back…it started again, so know I kinda know my “magic go bald weight”.

    (I went to the doctor on Wednesday and on June 3rd I have to go back…if I haven’t improved significantly, then I get to start taking medication for cholesterol…damn)

    Here’s to your journey!

  3. 03.04.2010

    Did you say you were “Walking Away the Pounds”? I’ve been doing the 3 mile 3x a week for two weeks now and it seems to be kinda working for me. Just wondering how you like it.

  4. 03.04.2010

    Uggg….I’m so sorry. Hope answers get found soon!

  5. 03.04.2010

    I said I was going to, but never did. I should. Would you like to help me and be my accountability buddy?

  6. 03.04.2010

    thinking of you xo

  7. girl. i’m gonna do this with you. thankfully, i have weight-related health issues (yet) but i’m tired of looking like i’m going to birth another set of triplets. i got my walk away the pounds dvd and i’m serious. let’s do this together. we’ll be the sexiest sveltest sassiest chicks at blissdom next year (as if there was ever any doubt). ;-)

    i’m relieved your other stuff was normal. you’re fantabulous!!

  8. 03.04.2010


    I have complete faith in you.

  9. 03.04.2010

    Absolutely! I’m walking tomorrow. I’ll twitpic if you will!! :)

  10. 03.04.2010

    You will rawk this!

  11. I am glad to hear that everything came back normal. Rock on with the exercise girlie…you can do this!

  12. 03.05.2010

    Take care. Thinking of you!

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