The Sound of Sisterhood

Listen Closely.  You can hear it.
The sounds of laughter and movement.


Look closely. You can see it
The love and affection that is clear as day.


Touch tenderly.  You can feel life move from within.
The common bonds of motherhood, they do surround.


Hold firmly.  Feel the growing bonds of sisterhood.
The sharing, the caring, the understanding of each other.

Laugh heartily.  And let your heart recall it often.
For when there are tears you should hold–steadfast–the laughter.


Stand together.  Even when [we] are apart.
For sisterhood knows no earthly bounds.


Give easily of your heart and smile.  Be generous.
For there are days when one’s needs are a gift you can give.


Listen, look, touch, hold, stand, laugh, and give; these are all yours to bestow and enjoy.
This is S I S T E R H O O D.



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29 Responses to “The Sound of Sisterhood”
  1. 10.01.2009

    Beautiful. So simple. You capture the feeling so well with pictures and words. Much love to you. I can’t wait to dance with my sisters again.

  2. 10.01.2009

    Beautiful post!

  3. 10.01.2009

    lovely as usual.
    This is the conference I wish I could have had.

  4. SO beautiful. Love it. *Tears*

  5. 10.01.2009

    Awww… so beautiful!

  6. 10.01.2009

    Awesome as usual! Glad I was there to see some of it first hand

  7. Just beautiful, Mishelle. Your pictures and your words. Thank you.

  8. 10.01.2009

    Oh, this is fantastic. That night in the corridor was silly and amazing and serendipitous. Love your photos.

  9. kerryfer

    Ummmm, has anyone told you that you are sort of a *goddess*?
    Cause you are.

  10. 10.01.2009

    I can hear it, I can hear it!

  11. A truly fabulous summation of Type-A Mom. I wish I had a poster of this post to hang over my desk. Every reason I blog, right there, in flesh and blood and pixels.

  12. Beautiful. I wish I could have been there.

  13. 10.01.2009

    SO beautiful!



  14. 10.01.2009


    You are my heart's darling.

  15. 10.01.2009

    Pictures speak a thousand words. It is all about the connections we make.

  16. 10.01.2009

    So gorgeous!

  17. LOVE this! <3

  18. 10.01.2009

    Beautiful post. Such meaningful pictures, capturing the sisterhood vibe, the acceptance and genuine affection I felt at the conference! Thank you!

  19. Perfect captured. I wish I’d been there.

  20. 10.01.2009

    This makes me ache.

  21. 10.01.2009

    So beautiful, Mish…

  22. 10.01.2009

    This really moved me. Beautiful, Mish.

  23. 10.02.2009

    Damn, Mishi. You’ve been a busy girl!! Wonderful work, these shots. Wonderful.

  24. 10.02.2009

    You captured the reason why this conference is so great!

    Thank you for a great photo walk. It’s one of my favorite part of the whole conference. Also thanks for the tips during the walk. I do want to ask you more about using RAW. If you can email me back and I can send you some questions. :) If you have time, that is.

    It was lovely meeting you and I couldn’t believe we live just down the highway. ;)

  25. Twas awesome.

    I’m glad there aren’t any boogies in my up-the-nose picture, but my eyelashes are looking the HOTNESS.

  26. I miss each and every one of you ladies. It was such a spectacular time. I miss you. So so so soooo much.

  27. 10.19.2009

    This is spectacular! I really echo your sentiment about the conference it was just as you depict it.

  28. Al_Pal

    Awww. Love! :D
    Hurray, Sisterhood. ;)

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