The Story of BlogHer {Part I}

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This is my story.  The story of BlogHer 2010. Through my eyes. Through my lens.

The story of how I worked, how I played, how I moved, how I spoke, how I laughed, and—even—how I cried.

This is the story that will be told through my photography.  And through my words.

Some stories will be short and sweet.  While some stories will be long and involved.

This is my personal “Story of BlogHer”.



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8 Responses to “The Story of BlogHer {Part I}”
  1. I can’t wait to read your story. Mine is delayed because of a dead modem. I swear the universe doesn’t like me to recap blogher.

  2. 08.14.2010

    Can’t wait to see your photos and read your story!

  3. 08.14.2010

    Such a tease! Can’t wait for all the pics :)

  4. 08.14.2010

    I’m sure we all will feel the same emotions when we see your photos.

  5. 08.14.2010

    I love your story. I also love that I, although accidental, totally photobombed your pic with Gavin DeGraw! :)

  6. 08.14.2010

    Can’t wait to read all about your story of BlogHer.

  7. 08.15.2010

    I like your stories. they are the prettiest

  8. 08.15.2010

    Yay !!! CAn’t wait !

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