The Story of BlogHer {Part VII}

Beautiful Faces of BlogHer

Mishelle Lane Photography-Aiming Low EZPZ-21

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Friday Night Walk-16

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography

SocialLuxe Lounge by Mishelle Lane Photography
Jen – Leah – Heather

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-27
Cindy and Angie
(and many other beauties)

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-20
Cecily, Kim, Loralee, Anissa, and Peter

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-4

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-3

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-109

Mishelle Lane - BlogHer10 - Saturday-102

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5 Responses to “The Story of BlogHer {Part VII}”
  1. 08.25.2010

    Lovely as always M. I think I was lovingly flicking you off before you snapped that photos. Ahhh, memories! XO

  2. 08.25.2010

    I super-love the shot of Heather D! What a fun shot.

    And day-um…what a great shot of Cecily’s eyes!

  3. 08.26.2010

    Great photos as always! And yes; such a fun shot of Heather!
    Looking forward to seeing YOUR beautiful again soon!

  4. Wasn’t I telling you about 2 seconds before you took that shot that I had no idea what to do in front of the camera?

    Love these ladies….and i LOVE the shot of Cecily!!

  5. I love clicking on their links and finding all of these new blogs! Thank you!

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