The Story of BlogHer {Part X}

The End.

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9 Responses to “The Story of BlogHer {Part X}”
  1. love it!

    When you’re in my town again– and there aren’t 2,398 others vying for your attention– we need to hang. Let me know.

  2. 08.27.2010

    Deal. Times a million.

  3. 08.27.2010

    Great job, Mishi! So fun!!

  4. Only recap video I’ve made it into either year I’ve gone. YAY!


  5. 08.27.2010



  6. 08.27.2010


  7. Very nicely done. It makes me miss NYC and especially everyone from blogher. Totally sharing this on facebook for my friends who asked, “WHY did you travel to the East Coast for a blogging convention??” Yeah. Their loss.

  8. loved this

  9. 09.04.2010

    Love what you’ve done here!

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