The Village. Bring It.

On May 31st our town’s pool opened up and we got our pool pass for the season. For three years we’ve enjoyed a couple of hours of swimming every day. The pool is safe, clean, and the kids there are well mannered (for the most part).

Yesterday, I encountered something that has never happened to me at the pool.

Davey and I were swimming around when I heard a teenage girl spewing from the mouth, “Oh my God, he fucking told me that she fucking said that they were going to Jay’s fucking party. What.a.fucking.loser!”

All the “fucking” had me a little perturbed.

Yesterday, I almost looked the other way, but I did not.

Instead of swimming away from her, ignoring the situation, I swam toward her, and said, “Hey, believe me, I looooove to use the eff word. It’s totally my favorite sentence enhancer. But, we’re in a public pool with A LOT of little kids. This would definitely be the place to refrain from using it. Ok?”

She nodded, apologized, and made quite sure not to catch my eye the rest of the time we were at the pool.

Yesterday, I disciplined someone’s teenage daughter.

I hope that if my child was stupid enough to cuss in public that s/he would be called on it. I also hope that more parents are willing to stand up for what’s right instead of turning the other cheek.

Yesterday, I realized that it does take a village.

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