This Morning


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8 Responses to “This Morning”
  1. 11.27.2009

    You drink Tabasco? I know you’re a hot mama – but really?

  2. 11.27.2009

    There are some days when a nice cuppa hot sauce would be just the right jump start.

  3. 11.27.2009

    That’s *MY* mug! I got it on our honeymoon in New Orleans. Michael had a matching one, but his broke, one winter day in 1995. That mug? It’s very much a part of me!

  4. 11.27.2009

    I could write whole stories based on your photographs. So awesome.

  5. 11.28.2009

    Never mind what’s in it, I love the colours and the mood in that photo!

  6. 11.28.2009

    where have i been? i love your blog…so well written.

  7. 11.28.2009

    perfect morning!!

  8. 12.04.2009

    Morning is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of the day, I thrive during it. Catch me at 9 at night and I am practically nodding off!

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