Today I’m a guest poster over at Sarcastic Mom.  I really love the post that I wrote.

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5 Responses to “Appreciation”
  1. 01.08.2009

    These are gorgeous shots. I’ve only gotten to glance real quick like over at Lotus’, but I’ll be over when I have time to really read and really enjoy the pictures. Already it looks like a great post, even at a glance. :)

  2. 01.08.2009

    Thanks Maggie!

  3. 01.08.2009

    Oh, I’m such a huge fan of abandoned places. There are some great ones I’ve shot here in Nashville. Great job on these. They’re beautiful!

  4. 01.09.2009

    I can really learn a lot from you. The careful framing and tight shots. Always beautiful.

  5. 01.09.2009

    Thank you so much, Mishi. It was truly beautiful. :-)

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