PhotobucketYou’re our firstborn.

The old soul.

Our deep thinker with a funny bone.

You’re our eldest son.

The history buff.

The guy who knows all about army guy, military stuff.

You’re twelve.

And for twelve years we’ve had the honor of looking into those eyes of yours.

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

My eldest who really didn't want to be there
We love you…


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14 Responses to “Twelve”
  1. 03.31.2010

    Awww!! He’s adorable. Happy birthday, dude.

  2. Jodi

    Mikey, I cannot even believe that you are 12! I remember countless afternoons watching Teletubbies with you and being okay with it because it meant I got to hang with you! I miss hangin’ with you buddy!

    What a wonderful young man you have turned into! I hope you have a magical birthday!

  3. 03.31.2010

    Happy Birthday! I LOVE the Marine Corps white walls.

  4. 03.31.2010

    Melt a mama’s heart with those eyes, indeed. Happy Birthday to you both.

  5. 03.31.2010

    Happy Birthday to your firstborn! (Hugs)Indigo

  6. 03.31.2010

    Happy Birthday to your firstborn! He is a very handsome young man.

  7. 03.31.2010

    Happy Birthday!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your little man.

  9. 03.31.2010

    Happy birthday!!!

  10. OH! Utterly adorable first shot and such a handsome 2nd shot.

    Happy Birthday, Twelve.
    and Happy Birth Day, Mishi.


  11. Happy day to Mama and the little big man.

  12. 04.01.2010

    That first picture looks so much like Davey, it’s insane!

  13. J

    OMG! How is that possible? He’s practically a man! Love the then and now shots Mish.

  14. Rachel

    Mishelle, he is beautiful! Happy Birthday to your first born. Love those deep eyes!

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