Type-A Mom Conference: I Brought It!

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8 Responses to “Type-A Mom Conference: I Brought It!”
  1. 09.30.2009

    Loved this! And how cool that I’m in like 2.3 seconds of it :) I really wanted to do the Photowalk but I was afraid I’d get stuck in downtown with no way back to the hotel since I didn’t do a Speaker Dinner. It looks like ya’ll had SUCH a blast on the walk….

  2. 09.30.2009

    I knew you would have great music to go with your video!
    It looks like you guys had a great time.

  3. 09.30.2009



    Don’t be skurred~!

  4. I’m not trying to be a total creeper, BUT Renee J Ross has a really impressive rack. That is all.

  5. 09.30.2009

    There was NOT enough Mishi in that video. We need more MISHI!!!

  6. 10.01.2009

    That was awesome- I always love your videos! Now I feel like I was there!

  7. 10.01.2009

    This is great! I was sitting here watching it with OhMommy and a group of bloggers and execs here in California. – ABC

  8. love it, love it, love it.
    I miss V and her darling voice. You crack me up. GREAT Video, darlin’

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