“…we come and go like on the interstate…”

My heart’s a stereo/ It beats for you, so listen close/ Hear my thoughts in every note/ Make me your radio/ Turn me up when you feel low/ This melody was meant for you/ Just sing along to my stereo


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3 Responses to ““…we come and go like on the interstate…””
  1. 11.04.2011

    What a cool set! <3

  2. 11.04.2011

    Absolute favorite song right now, it captures my current life status like it was written for me!

    These pictures are gorgeous as usual, Mishi! <3

  3. 11.06.2011

    I love this heart project. What a great eye you have. Hearts everywhere! You have a beautiful heart Mishi and you see the heart of life. What a gift!

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