“We only got 86 400 seconds in a day…”

My Fave Thing {THE Epiphanie Bag}
Day 65 | Eating Edamame with David While Summer Watches
Day 66 | 4 Milfs?

Day 67 | I Don't Aim Low in the Friend Department!
At the Stoplight

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6 Responses to ““We only got 86 400 seconds in a day…””
  1. 03.10.2010

    They are all great, but I love the one of the water bottle held up to the sun!

  2. 03.10.2010

    and even that isn’t enough …

  3. major swoonage.

  4. 03.11.2010

    Wow, I love that bag. I have the turquoise one and am looking to collect all three:)

  5. 03.11.2010

    I DEFINITELY aim to get that turquoise one someday!!

  6. 03.11.2010

    this just thrills me to pieces.

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